Babywearing Bestie: Brianna


Sakura Bloom Ring Slings

This holiday season I am recommending the Sakura Bloom ring sling for all your baby carrying needs.  I love love love Sakura Bloom slings for so many reasons.  First, they are made of either linen or silk so they are super strong and durable, and keep baby snug and tight.  Both fabrics are also very lightweight and breathable, perfect for year round wear.  Second, I love how compact and packable they are.  I am someone who hates to have a big, bulky diaper bag, so a SB ring sling is perfect as a packable option.  Also, my baby often falls asleep in the car seat but is a super light sleeper, so I can click her seat in the stroller and bring the sling with me to have when she inevidable wakes 15 minutes into our outing.  Third, they are gorgeous and have so many options of colors and weights to suit everyone.  I personally am partial to the double layer silks, but there are several really tempting single layer linen sling colors.  


 Cloth Collector: Stephanie


I've been given the category "cloth collector", which I'd say was definitely right up my alley a year or so ago! Hi. My name is Stephanie, and I'm a former cloth diaper addict. ;) I've tried almost every cloth diaper that TGN sells and then some, but when it came to cloth diapering my little guy, I alway came back to the bumGenius 4.0.

I loved everything about the 4.0... the way it fit, the look, the quality, the ease of use... just stuff 'em ahead of time, and slap it on like a sposie. No layers to smooth out, no additional inserts to fumble with (besides the one you stuffed inside beforehand)... the 4.0 of was just my cup of tea. And I'll say it... I used those diapers for over 2 years and I never had an issue with the elastics! Although I did have a rather large stash to rotate through... 

BumGenius retired the 4.0 a few months back (they're on clearance now, so hurry and snag yourself some for a great price!), and released a new and improved version, the bumGenius Original 5.0. They've made it trimmer in the back, gave the inner microfleece a little more stretch to it, and totally revamped their elastics. Some really great changes to what, in my opinion, was already a solid diaper!

Since the hubs and I aren't planning on having any more kids (4 keeps us really busy!) I'm going to be selling off my 4.0 stash for a little extra Christmas money. But if we were to have another baby (which is definitely NOT in the plans) one of the first things I would do would be to order a brand new of bumGenius 5.0 pockets from TGN. Right now if you buy $100 worth of bumGenius products, they'll throw in a White Snap bumGenius Freetime AIO for FREE!

If I were a new mom or mama-to-be, I would love to find a stash bumGenius 5.0s under the tree!! :)    

 Bath Time Baby: Siri


My favorite bath time toy so far would have to be the Green Toys Tugboat. The tugboat has been our main bath toy for almost two years and is still going strong. You can fill it with water through the spout, the holes on the deck or the windows, and it's endless fun to pour the water out the front spout. The handle is perfect for both parents and baby for pouring water and driving the tugboat around. And along with being a super fun toy, it works great to rinse off soap or shampoo and makes that part of bath time fun and entertaining. We love our Green Toys Tugboat (made from recycled plastic too!) and I'm sure we will continue to for years to come.


• Baby On Board: Jordan


My first thought was: GIFT CERTIFICATES! But aside from pointing out you can buy online or in store, there wasn't much to say there.. So, my pick is Earth Mama Angel Baby Natural Nipple Butter. for just under $13 it sends a real message to the expectant mother in your life. Something like:

"Dear Mom-to-be, I care about you and want you to have something you'll need that works well. Also, get used to the idea of slathering oil on your nipples, and furthermore, talking about your nipples openly. Welcome to motherhood!"

This is the best nipple butter I've used (and trust me, that list is long!) and I love that there's no worrying about the ingredients. We've used it on baby's head, face, and butt; my nipples, knuckles, and feet. It smells like chocolate and isn't super sticky since it's made without lanolin. All things that are highly important, in my book.


• Future Foodie: Hanna


Lifefactory Bottles

My favorite items for my little foodies? Lifefactory bottles, for sure! My big kiddo has used the 9 oz bottles with the sippy cap lids for a while now, and I love that they don't ever leak and that I can adjust the speed of the flow by tightening or loosening the cap. So clever! Now, my baby guy uses the 4 oz bottles (when he can't drink straight from the tap). He takes it like a champ! I love that they are glass - I know that I can get them truly clean, and that I don't have to worry about weird chemicals leeching or any of that scary science stuff. Love 'em! (Bonus - Katie's pick of the wine glasses....they match the baby bottles. Baby shower gift, anyone?!) 


• Cuddle Bug: Scott 


Aden and Anais
I would pick our Aden and Anais baby blankets.  They are extremely soft, extremely high quality, and come packaged just right to make the perfect gift. Also, there are enough options for every type of parent, for every type of budget.  Available in original, bamboo, and organic cotton.