Are you looking online at adorable cloth diapers, and gasping at the price? Or perhaps you have held a soft bamboo fitted in your hands and turned to your partner, who did the gasping?

Tattered Prefold

Well, cloth diapering may be my frugal self’s crowning achievement.  The diaper you see above has diapered two kids over 4 years including one heavy night-wetter and one 3-a-day pooper. And you better believe that bad boy is going to keep on going until A is potty trained, which isn’t looking particularly imminent! It has also likely been used to clean up potty training misses from the carpet.  And that upper left corner looks to have fed our old hungry dryer (may it rest in peace with a belly full of mismatched socks, bits of snaps, chunks of prefold diapers, and who knows what else…).  For under $2!

All of our prefolds are similarly past their prime.  The outer layers are shredding and hanging off, and every now and then A complains (he points to his butt and and says “bah-puh!  bah-puh!  diddle-iddle-iddle-iddle!”  Which roughly translates to “diaper! Something you should know about my diaper!”). So I recently tore off the outer layer of the worst ones, leaving a huge pile cotton scraps.

But these diapers are still going strong!  They are serving their purpose!  They absorb!  They contain!  They wash and they dry and they fold!

And prefolds are the most inexpensive way to cloth diaper!  I have a few fitteds handed down from a friend, as well.  They have been through three kids in 4+ years, and they are in much better shape than any of my prefolds.  They are less fluffy than they were new, and one fed the old drier a snap, but they are otherwise in fantastic shape. You get what you pay for with cloth diapers  – if you have the money to spend up front, you will get better quality in the form of softer and more absorbent materials, and likely better durability.  And, of course, unless you run them literally ragged as I have, the higher price and better materials/quality/durability mean they retain resale value.

If you’re wondering which diapers are retaining their resale value best, you can check out the forums at Diaper Swappers and search for those diapers you have been coveting!

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