Any day now, spring is supposedly going to arrive!  With it will come flowers, gardening, sending our kids outside to play, and sunshine Sunshine is a gift to cloth diapering families in so many ways. 

Energy savings
Drying diapers on the line rather than the dryer can save you money.  One drawback is that natural fiber diapers can get really stiff when drying in the sun on a windless day.  If this bugs you, you can dry them a little in the dryer first.  I have no idea why this works (do you?), but it does!  You don't get quite as much in the way of savings, though.  And there is that extra step.  But it works!

Fade stains and air out stink
Have you ever done a sun print, where you put opaque objects (coins were a favorite for me!) on a dark piece of paper and leave it out in the sun?  The paper fades, leaving darker areas where the objects sat.  The sun makes for awesome all-natural bleach.  Just like it fades paper, it fades stains.  Add in that fresh air, and you get diapers that look and smell better.

Sanitize your diapers with UV rays
UV rays kill bacteria, mold, and viruses by damaging their DNA.  Just like it damages our cells if we spend too much time in the sun, germs meet the same fate and have far fewer cells to be damaged.

Brighten your spirits and improves your health
While you're out hanging your diapers, you're getting some sunshine on your shoulders.  Anyone who grew up listening to John Denver knows that "sunshine on my shoulders makes me happy."  Science confirms that moderate sun exposure confers many health benefits, including stronger bones, better immune function, and improved mood.  We all know to minimize our time in the sun without sunscreen, but we do need some time with bare skin.  Hanging a load of diapers is a wonderful amount of time to spend outside!

There's just something sweet, quaint, and unrushed about the sight of diapers on the line in the sunshine