Disclaimer: I recieved a pair of Super Undies Nighttime Undies free of charge to facilitate this review. All opinions expressed are 100% my own. 

We're getting to that age... my little guy is starting to show interest in the potty! Super Undies has generously offered to let me review a couple of their fabulous products to help my little guy along the way. I'm so excited to share with you my review of their Nighttime Undies!   

nighttime undies

Now, if you've heard them called Bedwetting Pants, don't be confused. They're the same thing! I prefer to call them Nighttime Undies, so that's what we'll go with. :) I was given the choice of cotton or microfiber Nighttime Undies. Although microfiber is great because it is very absorbent and absorbs quickly, I prefer natural fibers so I went with cotton. Here's how they worked for us...


When I first got the pair of Nighttime Undies in the mail, my first reaction was, "Holy HUGE!" For being the smallest size available, they looked humongous. I searched for the sizing tag, to make sure I was not sent a larger size by mistake and, low and behold, it read size 1. I thought there was no way these pants are going to fit my 28 pound, 2 1/2 year old little boy. However, after I washed and dried them, I was relieved to find that they did shrink up a bit and fit my little guy great! There are no gaps around his legs or at the waistband. They seems to be comfortable for him, as well. There is super soft fleece around the legs, waistband, and on the inside along the sides of the pants. They are a bit poofy, but not more so than any other nightime cloth diapering option we have used.

The size Nighttime Undies that my son is in now is 3T (size 1). I personally see it more as a 2T/3T. The waistband can even be folded down to size down. I would love to see a smaller size available for kiddos who potty learn early. One that would fit well right at 1 1/2 to two years old would be great. I would have love to been able to use it sooner!  


Nighttime Undies come in several fun colors to choose from. The cotton undies are available in blue, green, pink: and microfiber undies in pink, red, and a couple shades of blue. The color runs down the middle, in the wetzone area of the undies from front to back, with contrasting white or black sides and waistband. Whether or not you get black or white depends on the type of Nighttime Undies you choose- cotton undies feature the white contrasting color, and microfiber features black. 

Since Nightime Undies look and feel much more like big boy or girl underwear than a disposable pull-up, I think they could give kids more confidence and help them get a good night's rest without the worry of waking up to wet sheets. One of my older children had trouble with bedwetting, and they were very were even impressed by the look of Super Undies!


These Nighttime Undies are by far the most convenient night time solution we've used. I don't have to worry about locating a waterproof cover and separate absorbent diaper- Nighttime Undies are all-in-one! On the inside of the diaper you'll find an absorbent insert attatched to the front and a pocket opening at each end of the undies. Simply stuff the insert inside, and your Nighttime Undies are ready to go! For my son, I fold the insert in half so that most of the absorbency is in the front. For girls, you'll want to stuff it the entire length. That's where that back pocket comes in handy, so you can stick your hand through and grab the insert. Once stuffed, they slide on and off just like underwear! 

 inside of nighttime undies

Washing my son's Nighttime Undies is easy, too. In the morning, I just turn them inside out and toss in the wetbag. Once in the wash, I've found that the attached soaker agitates out on its own. After they're clean, I just toss them in the dryer to tumble dry on low. 


As someone who bought disposable pull-ups for several years for a children who had trouble with bedwetting, I have to say I definitely see the value in a reusable nighttime pull-up. I wish I had known about these during those years! I would have saved so much money and time running to the store. 


These Nighttime Undies work so well for us, even with my son nursing through the night! There have only be one or two times that they have gotten oversaturated and I felt dampness on the outside, but we use them very often so that's saying a lot. If you have a super heavy wetter and they are not doing the job, you can buy inexpensive step up inserts to help boost the absorbency. However, we haven't needed to. With four layers of absorbency, these Cotton Nighttime Undies are very absorbent on their own. When my son is wearing them, I feel confident that we won't wake up to wet sheets!

nighttime undies 

I want to shout from the rooftops how much I love these Nighttime Undies! Had someone told me about them years ago, it would have saved us a lot of trouble. They're more comfortable than disposable pull up pants and certainly more cost effective. I would love to get a couple more pairs of these undies and use them exclusively at night! 

Disclaimer: I recieved a pair of Super Undies Nighttime Undies free of charge to facilitate this review.

*Although I am compensated for my time writing, all opinions are 100% my own.



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