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Valentine's Day is quickly approaching and love is in the air! Are you looking for a sweet gift for that special somebody? Look no further! TGN has a great selection of useful and fun things for moms and babies on up through the preschool years. So put down the chocolates and roses! The TGN Staff is here to help by sharing what they think would be the perfect gift to show that special someone you care...

Hanna's Pick 

 sakura bloom

"My favorite carrier is probably the Sakura Bloom ring sling. They are beautifully made carriers, with rich colors and the option of linen or silk. They are easy to use, easy to throw in your bag when not in use, and are stylish enough that I consider it another accessory. I can't imagine a mama not loving this sling as a gift for Valentine's Day!" ~Hanna

Brianna's Pick


"My favorite diaper is constantly changing as my baby grows and stretches. This is why I always recommend to friends and customers to have a variety of diapers in their arsenal, since baby's shape and size is a moving target. Right now I love Rumparooz. There are so many things to love about Rumparooz One Size (pocket) Cloth Diapers- the leg elastic is tighter than most and works wonders for skinny babies, it has 4 rows of vertical snap down sizing options for a more customized fit, the double gusset is an extra layer of protection, they use TPU instead of PUL which makes the diapers extra flexible, and the micro-chamois they use for the layer touching baby is super soft. I also really like the way the 2 microfiber inserts actually snap together in different configuration so that they fit baby perfectly, whatever size they are. My love for RAR really stems from the fit; we have no leaks with this diaper when paired with 2 Babykicks hemp inserts (light leaking can be par for the course with skinny legged babies). It is definitely our go-to nap, grandma's house, and car travel diaper!" -Brianna

Stephanie's Pick

spray pal 

"What better way to say, "I love you," than to get your special someone a Spray Pal Splatter Shield? :) It is a must-have accessory for any cloth diapering family who uses a diaper sprayer to deal with those dirty diapers. If your baby is on formula or you've added solids to his or her diet, you don't have the luxury of tossing soiled diapers in the wash as is. Those diapers need to be... addressed. In other words, you have to get rid of the poop. You can dunk & swish, you can scrape it into the toilet, OR you can get yourself a handy dandy diaper sprayer! Diaper sprayers are great, but can get a little messy... if you don't get the diaper low enough in to the toilet or the water hits it at the wrong angle, splatter can happen. That's where the Spray Pal comes in handy. It takes the stress and mess out of spraying diapers, keeping splatter where it belongs- in the toilet! The Spray Pal and the Diaper Sprayer go together like PB & J. Just like you and your loved one, they make a perfect pair. ♥" ~Stephanie

Claire's Pick

lifefactory bottles

"I was given the task of picking out my favorite product for a Mom. I chose the LifeFactory bottles. (I even plan to buy one of these for my own mother.) They come in a variety of sizes, colors, and cap options. They are glass bottles with a silicone sleeve on the outside. The silicone sleeve allows the bottle to be non-slip and easier to grip. This sleeve also acts as a barrier that can help prevent breakage if you were to drop it. Let's say you buy a LifeFactory bottle with a classic cap and 6 months down the road you decide you'd like a different cap. The awesome thing about LifeFactory bottles, is the option to switch out the caps for a different style. Another reason why I love this company, all the products are made in the USA or Europe. Aside from all these great things, these bottles are just downright cute! You can feel confident buying this for the Mom in your life. There is no doubt she will love this thoughtful and useful gift!" ~Claire

Scott's Pick

baby walker


Scott chose the Plan Toys Baby Walker, and here's why:


"1. Good for Early Walking development.

2. Adjustable height for different size babys

3. The blocks encourage building and creativity

4. The storage for the blocks encourages organization" ~Scott


Abby's Pick


 sophie teether


"My favorite teether is Sophie the Giraffe.  Every year, she's as big as the next.  She is THE classic natural teether that babies and families can't get enough of!  We've had customers come to our Bloomington store and and buy backup Sophie's, as she was the only way to calm their teething baby, and if they misplaced her they were in trouble.  And for the baby that has Sophie, or the customer wanting something just as lovely, but a little different?  Check out Fanfan, Sophie's BFF." ~Abby 

Tabatha's Pick

 a+a swaddles

"I love the Aden & Anais Bamboo Swaddles. They are luxuriously soft and gentle on baby’s skin, all while being durable enough for everyday use.  These swaddles are machine washable and the more you wash them the softer they get.  Aden & Anais Swaddles are very versatile and can be used as nursing and stroller covers, changing table covers, tummy time blanket, and more!" ~Tabatha

Cecily Pick

mermaid plush

"Fantastic creatures were an integral part of my childhood and mermaids have always been one of my favorite things. The Good Earth Fairies Mermaid doll is my pick for favorite plush toy because they are beautifully made, and so very soft and sweet. She whispers to that little girl who imagined worlds full of strange and beautiful things, and I know little me would have carried one everywhere!" ~Cecily

 Emileigh's Pick

a+a lovey

"My v day staff pick is the aden + anais lovey. A perfect cuddly companion for your newborn, providing comfort at bedtime and beyond. Made with cotton muslin, durable, soothing, and handmade." ~Emileigh

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