Recently I had the opportunity to visit a local establishment for the most relaxing hour ever.  I received a prenatal massage from Linnea at Sweetroot Massage Therapy.  Let me tell you, it was aahhhh-mazing!  I left feeling loose, relaxed, calm and refreshed.

waiting room

Sweetroot Massage Therapy is located at 1300 South Walnut Street, Suite B.  Located close to the B-Line trail, it's in an adorable 2-story brick building that feels like home when you walk in.  There are couches, inviting decor and reading materials in the front lobby that faces the street, giving you a place to spy on the foot and road traffic as you rest before your appointment.

Linnea met me up front and led me to the massage room which was so cozy.  She had classical piano music playing quietly, soft lamps lit in the corners, and a warm blanketed table set up, complete with a lovely pile of pillows to keep this pregnant mamma comfortable.


Before the massage Linnea showed me how to position my body on the mountain of pillows, then she left me to get comfortable.  She returned and helped make sure I was laying correctly so that she would not harm me or the baby during the massage.  Then the magic began.

Oh. My. Word.  The last massage I had was a chair massage, which was not terrible, but it didn't even compare to the experience I had at Sweetroot.  Linnea took her time massaging, making sure that I was comfortable and the pressure she was using was not painful for me.  I was able to turn off my brain and just let her work.  Moms around the world know how rare it is to get a moment to fully relax.  This was my moment.

Since I am pregnant, the massage was done in 2 segments, one with me lying on either side.  Between sides the pillows were rearranged so I could get settled on the other side and Linnea once more made sure I was safely positioned before beginning.

One thing I noticed immediately is that I didn't smell anything.  As a person who is highly sensitive to scents (even when NOT pregnant), I was pleasantly surprised that I wasn't bombarded by air fresheners, incense, scented massage oil, etc.  It definitely helped me experience deeper relaxation.

Once the massage was over I was left to relax for a while and get settled, then Linnea came in and spent a few minutes with me to discuss what she found.  With her background in sports and medical massage, she was able to tell me where she felt tightness and give me tips for how to avoid injury and have a healthy pregnancy.  I have to say, I took her suggestions to heart and it has been very helpful at maintaining a pain-free pregnancy for the most part.  Her advice has helped me avoid some pregnancy pains that I experienced with my first pregnancy.

I appreciated that Linnea does not use any scented products in her practice.  She purposely uses organic scent-free massage oil as well as natural & scent-free cleaning products on all of her bedding and surfaces.  It's fantastic!

Linnea works on people of all ages, from kids to older adults.  She is a Certified Massage Therapist in the state of Indiana and has previous experience as a Certified Pediatric Massage Therapist in Seattle, Washington as well as completing specialized training in prenatal and postpartum massage.  If you are looking for a great massage, pregnant or not, I highly recommend Sweetroot Massage Therapy.  She knows her stuff!  Take a walk on the B-Line and head over to let Linnea rock your world, I've already scheduled my next appointment.

**Disclaimer: I received this massage for free in exchange for my honest opinion.  The massage I received was so fantastic, I have already scheduled my next appointment.  See you soon, Linnea!**