Summer break may be over, but it is still unbearably hot and humid here in the Midwest. Heat index of 105? No. Just, no. I’ll tell you what we are going to do - we’re going to file a change of address to reflect that we are moving into my in-laws’ pool. Seriously, I may never leave. This new residence of mine offers relief from the torturous sun, and also the perfect excuse to test some of the newest swim diapers on the market.

This year, we tried out the new swim nappy from my favorite UK brand, TotsBots, and GroVia’s new swim diaper! Let’s see some pictures and some stats, shall we?

FIRST UP: TotsBots Swim Nappy

 The TotsBots Swim Nappy (which is the way more fun way to say diaper, am I right?) has features much like the other beloved products in their line up. Same fantastic hook and loop closure, two sizes to achieve your best fit, and their always-adorable prints. The inside is lined with a soft terry material, with mess panels in the front and back.


Bear is pretty much built like a linebacker, so it was a pretty obvious Size 2 for him. I really like the fit! They are roomy, but not like, crazy-overwhelmingly-wheredoesallthisfabricgo-roomy. I love TotsBots hook and loop - I know that it will withstand the test of time, and be just as great next summer. It caught the *ahem* solid waste quite nicely, and washed out with no issues. The print is just the cutest! The colors are lovely, and I imagine it would be easy to find a great rash guard to match to it.


NEXT UP: GroVia Swim Diaper


The GroVia swim diaper was released this spring, and boy, is it cute! It boasts three sizes and comes in the four prints from their most recent print release (Astro, Adventure, Ophelia, and Funfair). The inside is lined with their super soft wipes material. The swim diaper features stretchy side tabs that close with snaps - so it can be put on like a side-snapping diaper, or pre-snapped and pulled up like pants.

I got a size 2 for Bear, and the fit is incredible. I liked the way that I could just pull the swim diaper on. He likes to stand (and climb, and run, and do anything but be still..) so it was a lot easier to just stand him up in the mini van in the parking lot of the splash pad (sidenote, ROOKIE MISTAKE, once when Bee was a baby, I put his swim diaper on him BEFORE WE LEFT, and then drove us to the splash pad. He peed. It was messy. LEARN FROM ME, friends!). Anyway, it was easy to stand him up in the van, yank his nappy off, and have him step into the swim diaper. This diaper also kept the yucky stuff in, and washed up wonderfully. The sizing on the GroVia swim diaper is pretty cool - it really stretches quite a bit. I *hope* that it will still fit next year, but time will tell. He’s a big little dude. We may be in size 3 by next summer. Or we may move to Alaska, because I can’t handle the heat for much longer.

So here’s to a few more weeks of water fun, friends! Hang in there, if you’re autumn dreaming like I am. At least we can enjoy these cute swim diapers for a little longer, right?