Disclaimer: Although Hanna has recieved this product free of charge, all opinions are her own. 

Hello again, folks! Hanna here, your friendly neighborhood TGN sales associate and newly minted second time mama. Little baby Otto joined our family in early May, and we are in total baby bliss.

baby otto

This post will be the first in a series that will be describing my experience (along with my baby, my husband, my older son, and occasionally our dog) of participating in the Touch-A-Day Baby Welcoming e-course (or TAD for short) developed by Body, Mind, & Molly, and now available through The Green Nursery. TAD is a 12 week program for parents and their new arrivals. The general layout of the program features a daily video delivered straight to your email inbox from the course leader and creator, Molly McDonald (click HERE to learn more about Molly). Further, the program includes the access to a Facebook group exclusive to current and past TAD participants, as a means to link up and support one another in the wild ride that is new parenthood. Finally, the program includes six live chat webinars with Molly, live streaming to the comforts of your bed/sofa/cozy armchair, and linking you up for a discussion with Molly and your fellow TAD moms and dads. These live chats are a way to ask questions to Molly and your TAD peers, in a safe and supportive place.

These posts will focus not only on some of the material covered in TAD, but also mine and my family’s experience with TAD. I will talk about how TAD is serving our family and how it is affecting my experience as a parent this time around. It would be absolutely impossible to cover all the great information to be learned from TAD, so don’t worry about these posts spoiling the adventure! I would absolutely encourage you to sign up for the program, to get the full experience and learn all that the program has to offer.

Let’s start with my experience with TAD, pre-TAD, with what my expectations were. Because I received TAD as a gift, I really did not know what to expect. I knew very little about it, except that the start date of the program coincided very closely with my estimated due date. To be very honest, I had concerns about committing to another thing in my daily schedule in the face of larger underlying anxieties about adding another person to our family. Turns out, both of those anxieties were far scarier in theory than they have been in actuality. Adding another member to our clan has been amazing, and participating in TAD has proved both manageable and enjoyable.

The daily videos have ranged from 3-10 minutes long, with most of them hovering around 5 minutes long. I find that for me, it works best to check my email in the morning, while nursing Otto and inhaling (I mean, peacefully sipping) coffee, and I like to click the link and watch the video right away, before the day gets away from me. But, the program is relaxed. That is to say, the days HAVE gotten away from me, three days actually, and I was able to watch the missed videos at my earliest convenience. There is no pressure to keep or fear of “falling behind”, because the videos remain available to you all the time and they remain helpful.

The videos themselves have been really beneficial. Even though this is not my first baby, I have learned a lot from the videos. I feel like I am more aware of my baby’s movements and what they mean, like whether he is feeling overwhelmed and ready for quiet, or alert and ready to play. With this new knowledge, I am better able to assess when we need to retreat for quiet time or when we should engage in activities like tummy time. Like, did you know that that adorable “cheerio mouth” face that new babies make is a sign that they are ready for play? Me either, before TAD! We also learned a great soothing technique for the moments that Otto is fussy (which, thankfully, is not very often!) that can be done anytime, anywhere, and it seems to work like magic!

baby otto

The program has also opened a dialogue between me and my husband about how our relationships, as spouses and as parents, have changed. It is so easy to get swept away with focusing on the new baby’s needs and lose focus on taking care of yourself or your relationship with your partner, and I appreciate the videos that encourage me to shift my focus back to those areas. It is also nice to have a prompt with how to start these conversations, because it’s hard enough to remember to have these conversations in the first place, much less come up with the questions in the moment. My husband and I have been better able to support one another after seeing the videos and talking it out.

otto and daddy

In addition to the content of the videos themselves, I think the sense of community that comes with TAD is amazing. I truly wish that I could have had TAD with my first baby. With my first son, I did not have a support system outside of my husband, our families, and a few very close, but child-less, friends. What was missing from that support system were MOMS! Moms that were in the trenches themselves, adapting to their new roles and the demands and joys of parenthood. I would have loved to be connected on social media and through live chats with other new moms. So, even though I now have my own established mom community, I still feel this connection to other new moms will be beneficial. I look forward to having this space to talk with them, to ask questions, to offer support, and to offer my own experiences with motherhood. I look forward to seeing how this TAD community develops over the course of the program and after the program is over.

That’s it for now, folks. Check back for the next update on how TAD is going for us, here on the TGN blog!

Disclaimer: Although Hanna has recieved this product free of charge, all opinions are her own.