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  1. Newborn Cloth Diapering

    One of the questions that we field a lot during our Cloth Diapering 101 workshop, and from parents that we communicate with in our online venues, pertains to cloth diapering a newborn baby. Most of the cloth diaper brands that we carry at TGN are one size diapers, meaning they use rows of snaps on the front to adjust the rise (or length front to Read more...
  2. TGN Compares: Sloomb Underwoolies to Sloomb Wool Covers

    With the release of the gorgeous new winter line-up of colors from Sloomb, you may be ready to hop into using wool as a cloth diapering option. Starting out using wool may seem intimidating, with the various styles available and the different course of maintenance, but fear not! We’ve got your back! We are here to break down the differences Read more...
  3. The Price of Cloth: Savings, and Avoiding the Cheapies

    Can we take a minute to talk cloth diaper prices? I remember researching cloth diapers back when I was expecting my first baby, and, not knowing what to expect, being a little surprised at the prices. $20-ish EACH? But then I need, ...24? That’s…. (gets out calculator). There’s no denying that that number ends up being a hefty Read more...
  4. #FridayFavorites : bumGenius

    Hi TGN friends! Today marks a new day in TGN Blog History: part one of our #FridayFavorites series! I will be filling you in on what my favorite thing is about each of our diapers. Feel free to share your favorites in the comments!
    BumGenius (CottonBabies)
    Probably the most recognizable name in Cloth Diapers, BumGenius offers an ingenuitive, budget-friendly option for every type of cloth diapering family. BG will always get mad love from TGN, as it really helped our brand take off. Their smart designs and quality make them easy to love. From prefolds and covers to organic AIOs; they've got it all.  #TGNlovesbG

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