Geez, is it seriously mid-February already? I’ve been thinking a lot about the New Year’s resolutions that we set for ourselves, and how easy it is to fall OUT of those good habits. How are you doing with yours?

For me, it has been more successes than failures, so I call that a win! One area that I’m still not rocking is being gracious with myself about how much I accomplish in a day. It is SUCH a hard habit to learn – to be forgiving to ourselves. It has been especially difficult for me with my husband taking on a new work schedule and having to tackle bedtime by myself. This mom thing can be so hard! I have had to leave dishes in the sink in favor of getting to bed at a semi-decent hour. THE HORROR. So, I will continue to try to make this resolution a reality. Day by day.

In contrast, I am still kickin’ booty at getting MY booty in to the gym! This is a HUGE personal achievement. I have never, ever, ever stayed with a fitness routine for so long. I am seeing the results of my hard work manifest in many ways. I have never been tethered to my scale or my measurements, but I have lost a few pounds and inches, and gained muscle mass! I have also done things that I would have never thought I could do. I did TWO unassisted chin-ups. TWO. I had joked with my coach, Rodney, that the only way I could do one unassisted chin-ups was if there was a pit of fire beneath me and my life depended on it. But TWO?? Sans fire?! Guys, this feels huge! I’m lifting heavy weights and jumping giant (literal) hurdles, and I have never felt so strong or so physically capable in my life. And, yeah, my clothes are suddenly a little too big, and that’s hard to be sad about. I credit a lot to the coaches at Teamwork Bloomington. They know how to make our time and the workouts count, and push me farther than I thought I could go. As proof, here are some pictures of myself, fellow blogger and bestie Jordan, and co-owner of TGN Abby, up in the gym, just workin’ on our fitness. (Real talk, am I the only one who cannot work out without singing this line from Fergalicious?)





Here is another local mama and TGN customer, getting her fitness on with her sweet baby at the gym.


And, just for fun, here’s one of the husband and wife owner’s cutie cute baby girls. Look at that form!


Keep it up with your resolutions. And if you’ve fallen off the wagon, have no shame. Take it a day at a time, and keep working at it. You are awesome!