If you want to build a successful community, you start by supporting the Mothers. Rodney and Erin Parks of Teamwork Bloomington are not shy to this idea, and they want you (or the hardest working mom you know) to become a part of that community!
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Teamwork Bloomington has partnered with The Green Nursery to offer one mama in our local community two months of services at their gym. Services included will be: personal training, nutrition coaching, and CHILDCARE (yeah, you read that correctly).
Owners, Erin and Rodney strive to help their clients achieve and maintain a healthy, productive lifestyle. It's not just about weight or inches lost and gained for them, so much as it is about improving your quality of life. With two kids of their own, they understand the struggle to find time and motivation for good self-care and they are willing to help you figure out what best suits you.  
Need ideas for healthy dinners made in twenty minutes or less? Erin's your girl. Need suggestions for apps that will get you off your phone and on your feet? Rodney's your guy. Their experience in the world of personal training is impressive and definitely qualifies them for the job of kicking any butt into a shape; but they are also real people. They don't have unrealistic expectations or inconsiderate goals. They will absolutely kick your butt, don't misunderstand me... but once they're done, they may send you an email with smiley faces and a recipe for a relaxing herbal bath.
We all know that exercise is important to really feel good, but this really rings true for mothers. The hours we spend carrying, nursing, cuddling, and caring for our babes can really take a toll on our body. It is so common for us to get drained, to be so busy filling everyone else's cup that we fail to realize our own is empty. Sound familiar? Think of your friends, your partner, co-worker, etc. Think of how much the gift of care could positively effect the mama in your life. Or, have them suggest you! ;-)
Selections will be made soon, so send your suggestions to eparks@commandequity.com soon!
Imagine: the energy to get through cooking dinner without melting down, the strength to maintain good posture and stop causing back-aches, the audacity to be a mother and FEEL GOOD.
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