Just like finding the right cloth diaper safe detergent, you have to make sure you have a cloth diaper safe rash cream. There are ingredients in regular diaper rash creams that can be harmful to cloth diapers, causing repelling and other issues.


We don't often have diaper rash here. When we have, I usually just put breast milk on it, because, well let's face it, breast milk fixes everything! However, that's not always an option for people. So, let's talk about a safe solution for diaper rash that won't mess up your diapers!


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The Green Nursery recently had their very own diaper balm made by the Soapy Soap Co. in Bloomington, IN. It's actually pretty exciting to see that TGN has their very own product with their name on it! So how does the TGN diaper balm differ from other cloth diaper safe rash creams?


The first thing you'll notice is that it's a stick of diaper balm and not a container of cream. This is extremely convenient for several reasons. I like that all you have to do is bust out your stick of diaper balm and rub it on the red spots on your baby's bottom. This helps for those who don't want rash cream all over their hands, because I know that when I've used another rash cream, no matter how many times I washed my hands, they still smelled like the cream. Not that the cream smelled terrible, but I couldn't help but associate the smell with Monkey's bottom. (Not a pleasant thought while you're trying to eat!)


The TGN diaper balm stick glides on gently (which is important when your baby has a diaper rash since their bottom is already sensitive.) What's really great about the TGN balm is that it's all natural, hypoallergenic and non-toxic. It's also Gluten Free, Vegan, Non-GMO and cruelty free. It's also unscented, so if your little one has extremely sensitive skin, the TGN balm is a perfect rash solution for you to use.


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I really like how effective the diaper balm is. It works great at clearing up your little one's diaper rash without adding any extra irritation to an already sensitive bottom. As with any cloth diaper safe cream it's recommended that you use a liner while using the balm. However, when I used the balm I skipped using the liner and didn't have any negative effect on my diapers."


You can purchase the TGN diaper balm for only $7.95! It's totally affordable for such a great rash solution that won't harm your diapers, and will clear up your little one's bottom.



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Katie Fender is a stay at home mom to one very active toddler. He goes by Monkey most of the time because of his fascination with climbing all over everything!  Being a stay at home mom, Katie needed to find a creative outlet and hobby so she started her blog A Tale of Fluff. Her obsession with cloth diapers started when she and her husband decided to make the switch when Monkey was a few months old. Her love of cloth diapers led her to being a tester for TGN. Now she has the pleasure of bringing you reviews for diapers at TGN you might be considering purchasing.


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