In the cloth diapering community, you hear a lot of discussion about diaper sprayers. Most of the time, it’s usually an unsure mama asking, “Do I really need a diaper sprayer??” The answer is no. You don’t NEED a diaper sprayer to cloth diaper… but, in my opinion, it truly does make it so much easier!


The diaper sprayer is a wonderful alternative to the ol’ dunk and swish method! It looks like a kitchen sprayer, but is attached to your toilet instead of your kitchen sink. It uses a high pressure stream of water to easily clean off your dirty diapers.


diaper sprayer 


What’s more to love about diaper sprayers? They don’t just have to be for diapers! Here are some great alternative uses for this nifty little gadget:


Spraying out Potty Chair


Not only does a diaper sprayer come in handy for when your child is in diapers, it also can be useful during potty training! If your kiddo starts using a potty chair, a diaper sprayer makes for quick rinsing afterward. Another thing to consider is that potty chairs don’t have water in them like a toilet. If your kiddo has to go number two, guess what… it’s probably going stick to the bottom of the potty and leave some lovely residue behind. Using a diaper sprayer can take some of the “ick factor” out of dealing with this.


Personal Hygiene


BumGenius lists pericare after childbirth as one of the uses for their sprayer. Since diaper sprayers usually have a valve to adjust the pressure, you can turn it WAY DOWN LOW and use a gentle stream. It may also work well for sore bottoms after frequent wiping from a bout of the stomach flu, or pain from hemorrhoids.


If you are lucky enough to have a tiny bathroom like me, (allowing the toilet to be in very close proximity to the bathtub) here are some more uses for your diaper sprayer:


Cleaning the Bathtub


 I don’t know about you, but after I scrub the bathtub, I try to use the shower head to rinse it all down the drain. Problem is there are certain areas of the tub, like the corners and around the spout, my shower head cannot reach. I love using the diaper sprayer to get my entire bathtub completely clean and sparkling.



cleaning bathtub




Also, do you remember Pig-Pen from the Peanuts comic strip? The kid with a cloud of dirt and dust that follows him everywhere he goes? Well, I think my older kids may be related to him! They like to play in the woods and wade in the creek, and usually end up covered in mud from head to toe. During the Summer, I can hose them off outside with the garden hose, but come Fall, it’s just too cold for that. When they hop in the bathtub to rinse off, there is usually a little bit of dirt left behind. I use the sprayer to quickly send all the leftover dirt down the drain. If you live near a beach, you probably experience the same thing with sand in the bathtub. Heck, if I lived near a beach I would probably get a diaper sprayer for this purpose, even if I didn’t have a kid in diapers! 



dirty tub 



*Word of Caution: I’ve heard if you have a septic you shouldn't let a lot of dirt go down the drain, because it could potentially cause problems. Even though at times it seems like it, my kids aren’t ALWAYS filthy, so I don’t do this every single day… just every once in a while. If you do have a septic, you may want to talk to a plumber first.


Spider Destroyer


Have you ever been in the shower, minding your own business, and then…. EEEEKKKK!!!!!! There is a creepy crawly too close for comfort! A thin piece of toilet paper between me and a spider is NOT going to cut it, so I usually scream for my hubby to come to the rescue. Sometimes, though, he makes me fend for myself!



spider in bathtub  


Now, instead of having to wait for someone else to come to my rescue, I can take the power back into my own hands! I use my diaper sprayer like a laser gun and blast that creepy crawly down the drain! No kidding! It really works! I have actually done this a couple of times.


 Paybacks For Not Rescuing Me From That Ginormous Spider.



sprayer payback


 .…need I say more?? Just kidding! I would never do such a thing..... or would I? ;)


 Who knew a diaper sprayer would come in handy in so many different ways? Not me! I just assumed I would only use it for cloth diapering! I figured, once my son was potty trained, I would either sell it or get rid of it. Now, that I know all the different uses for it, I will definitely be holding onto it! Even after my son is out of diapers.


*I have purchased all products mentioned in this post. Although I am compensated for my time writing, all opinions are 100% my own.




Stephanie Beck is the mother of a dinosaur expert, a set of twins somehow born 13 months apart, and a wild baby boy. After losing her job as a doctor’s nurse (while on maternity leave) for standing up for her rights to pump at work, she went back to her previous job as a Labor and Delivery nurse. While she was so happy to be back in a job she loved, the newest member of her family could not tolerate being separated from her. He refused to take a bottle no matter what she and her husband tried, and screamed the entire time she was away. She realized as much as her family needed that extra money, her baby needed her more. Now Stephanie is learning to adjust to being a one income household and blogs about her adventures in attachment parenting at She is very excited to be blogging for TGN!