Thirsties Duo AIO

I have been thinking we could stand to have reviews of diapers on some teeny newborns and other various sizes and shapes aside from my own toddler's. (Also, I think he got the memo and decided to potty train! He's in underwear during the day! Eep!) So, I asked new third-time mom Amy if she'd like to review the Thirsties Duo All-In-One as used on her baby, E, born on Thanksgiving! She obliged, and here we go!

Thirsties Duo AIO

Fit and Sizing
Amy is familiar with Thirsties covers and really likes them she usually likes the double gussets, but the All-In-One's fleece lining is a bit too exposed.  There were no big leaking problems, but it did wick onto clothes if not changed soon enough.

The sizing option was a win for Amy, as it fits down smaller to fit a newborn (~9 lbs in E's case), whereas the BG 4.0 didn't fit as well until the 2nd week or so (~10 lbs or so). Amy thinks the smaller sizing of the Thirsties probably allows smaller babies to wear cloth diapers before that 10 lb. size that is needed for the BG to fit well, especially around the thighs. E definitely started out with smaller thighs (which is where the sizing has differed mostly in Amy's experience with cloth diapering), but his legs have fattened up- regardless, I don't think this affected the fit of the Thirsties all in one. Currently, E is probably several ounces over 10 pounds- not "chunky" per se but at almost 4 weeks, he's a long and nice-sized boy. :)

Dry Time
It took longer to dry in the dryer that other diaper, and Amy had to hang it to finish drying afterwards. This wasn't a huge issue, as they hang their bumGenius 4.0 to dry as well.

Overall Impressions
I do like the ease of the diaper and would purchase a few to add to our stash, especially for caretakers that prefer the ease of disposables (no stuffing, no prefolds). I may not be using it as an overnight diaper, however.

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