thirsties argyle

I have been curious about these lay-in style inserts for a couple of years.  Grovias, the Flip system and the Thirsties Duo inserts came out after I had settled into a routine of mostly prefolds with Bean, and I couldn't figure out what hole these systems filled.  So I was happy to be given an insert to try out (in my own, already-owned Thirsties covers).

Well, mystery solved!  This system is very simple.  There is no learning to fold it (like a prefold), and no need for a closure (like a Snappi).  I just told my husband "lay it in a Thirsties cover with one end tucked in the little inner pocket.  Then put it on A-Train."  Done.  I have spent the last 3 weeks recovering from hip surgery, so I haven't been able to change diapers - ease of use for caregivers not familiar with cloth diapers has been important!  These are a really great option on that score, and they're less expensive than all-in-ones, pockets, or fitteds.  Plus, in regards to fitteds, you don't have to worry about anyone forgetting to add a cover - there is no other way to put it on!

Also, my husband thought to use it as a doubler (in a cotton prefold) for a nighttime diaper when we were out of our usual hemp - it worked brilliantly and with less bulk than our standard stand-by of a second prefold.

The downside of this system is that poop gets on the cover basically every time.  I generally only wash covers after they get poop on them (or if they get spaghetti'ed/sauced/souped or are starting to stink). Prefolds do a decent job and fitteds an excellent job of containing the poop and sparing the cover.  Since we have a frequent pooper (3-4 times a day is not unusual for our toddler), this makes a huge difference in laundry (and availability of clean covers!).  Although, even if you were using a new cover after every poop, it would still be more economical than some other options.  

Also, I have essentially loaded a Thirsties cover with a tri-folded prefold in the past in order to get it on a standing toddler.  The bulk and bunching of the prefold made that a challenge, but the Thirsties Stay Dry Duo Inserts are trim and stay put much better for this purpose.

All in all, I now see that this system fills a gap that combines simplicity and true no-need-for-a-tutorial ease with affordability.  

And, on the Thirsties covers specifically, these are my favorites!  I have yet to try some of the newer brands of covers on the market, but I have used and been satisfied with Thirsties for 4-and-a-half years (there were some other brands I tried that were total fails with Bean as a scrawny newborn).  I have used Thirsties on my (skinny) kids from newborn through potty training, and I know they are a good fit on chubbier babes and toddlers as well.

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