Thirsties Natural One Size Fitted review

I come to you today with a review that I am *psyched* to bring to you. We just picked up the new Thirsties Natural One Size Fitted diaper, and I had the privilege of testing it out. Holy. Smokes. This was a performer, guys.

I will preface my review with this: any diaper that claims to hold up to overnight automatically makes me a skeptic. Maybe I’m cynical. Maybe I’ve changed too many wet sheets. But while it makes me doubt, it also makes me curious. I have to test it. I have to prove it wrong. I will also preface that we’ve got nighttime down at this point (besides the sleeping part, as of late). We always use a fitted style diaper, with an extra booster folded in half and laid in the front of the diaper for extra absorbency, with some kind of wool cover over it (Sloomb knit covers, shorties, and longies are my go-to’s). Sloomb has not steered me wrong, and so trying another fitted diaper of a different brand made me feel like I was cheating on my great love and tempting fate altogether.

BUT GUYS. I was wrong to doubt the Thirsties Natural One Size Fitted. So wrong. Shame on me. So here’s the deal on the Thirsties Natural One Size Fitted: it is, as the name says, a one-size diaper, that claims to fit from 8-40 lb. There are a total of eleven layers of absorbency, with a fabric breakdown of 70% rayon from bamboo, 30% cotton. That’s a killer blend, with an incredible amount of layers, for such a trim diaper. That’s the next thing - this sucker is NOT bulky. As far as overnight diapers go, it’s remarkably trim. So you can see why I initially doubted its ability, right?

I got the diaper two weeks ago, and immediately threw it in the wash. I’m sure by now you have all heard about “prepping” your diapers, which refers to washing and (at least partially) drying your diapers 3-5 times before use, to build up the absorbency of the fabric. The Thirsties Natural One Size Fitted actually recommends washing at least three times separately, in order to remove the natural oils from the fabric. I’m including this in here, because I did *not* read the directions beforehand. Whoops! So anyway, I got home, threw it in the wash and washed it like I do all my cloth diapers - warm rinse, hot wash with my cloth diaper safe detergent, followed by another rinse. I let it hang to dry while I washed my other cloth diaper laundry, and then transferred it to the dryer to dry with the others. Here’s the crazy part - most of my diapers are dry after that one dryer cycle. I pull out whats dry, and let the rest take another half-a-cycle in the dryer. By then, the rest are dry. BUT NOT THE THIRSTIES. What?! It was washed ONCE and it was so absorbent that one-and-a-half dryer cycles didn’t dry it. Mind = blown.

After I picked my jaw up off the floor, I hung the diaper to dry. That evening, after just one wash, I secured it around my sweet babe, threw a wool cover over it, and laid my baby down to sleep. And then one hour later, he finally fell asleep, and I ninja crawled out of his room, because that’s where we’re at right now.

The next day, the sheets were DRY. The diaper was nearly fully saturated, and the inside of the wool cover was very slightly damp. That’s the performance after being prepped just once, no booster added or anything.

Final verdict for me (after using it twice more since the test run as an overnight diaper) is that this is one heck of a contender for a fitted diaper. The sizing is great; it fits Bear perfectly on the middle rise snap setting (he is about 25 lb and 31 inches tall), and I can see how it would accommodate the size range that it claims to do. I love the trim fit of it, and the three different colors of serging and snaps are all way cute. The price point is WAY amazing. I think the value of the diaper far exceeds its price point, honestly. This diaper has made me a believer again. (Too much? Just enough?)

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