Hi!  My name is Evey, I want to tell you about some of my favorite toys.  First, a little about me. I am almost 2 and I LOVE music.  I have always loved music.  I prefer to make my own, and the louder the better.  My Mamma doesn't care to have loud electronic musical toys around the house because I'll just sit and press buttons all day, so she decided I needed some musical instruments of my own.  I think she chose well.


For my Birthday last year I was given the Hape Mini Maracas and the Hape Rhythm Set.  Oh boy, those toys are awesome!  At 1 year I could easily grasp the toys, shake the maracas, and beat the rhythm stick on my own (with some direction of course).  They make noise, but aren't so loud that it drives Mamma nuts.  Sad day for me, I know.

mini maracas


hape rhythm set

For Christmas Mamma & Dadda gave me my very own Plan Toys Melody Xylophone!  I love it so much!  Mamma even discovered that Plan Toys has great customer service.  Since Mamma has a keen ear for music, she quickly noticed that one of the notes on the xylophone was flat.  She told me that she emailed customer service and they sent her a brand new bar within a week!  I watched her replace it. It looked very easy and within a minute I was playing with my toy again.  This time it sounded perfect! 


Today Mamma came home after work and found my musical toys spread throughout the house.  Dadda told her that I brought my instruments to him then the two of us spent over 30 minutes playing music.  I love my instruments!

evey playing xylophone

Evey's Mamma here.  Evey has had all of these toys for 10+ months and absolutely loves them!  She plays with each toy at least one time a week.  They have some wear, but not nearly what I've seen on lesser quality toys.  These toys have been dropped on wood floors, tossed, stepped on, chewed, beat together--you name it!  They are in very good shape and have many many years left in them. 

I purchased these toys because I wanted toys that have quality construction and will last through many children.  These toys all hit the mark.  Also, Plan Toys has excellent customer service.  I sent an email explaining what was wrong with our xylophone and they quickly sent a replacement bar.  The bars are held on with rubber tabs, so it was easy to get the old one off and the new one on.  Don't worry, it wasn't quite easy enough that Evey can do it! 

Overall I am very happy with these toys and will definitely purchase these brands again.