With Christmas quickly approaching, Abby (our chief elf!) put a call out for each of the TGN staff to share their favorite holiday gift. With so many great toys to choose from, picking just ONE was not an easy task for some of us! But rules are rules, and as difficult as it was, we managed to narrow it down to the one toy that we thought would be the PERFECT gift this holiday season. Without further ado, I present the TGN staff's top toy picks of 2013...





lion doll





"My top holiday gift is the Moulin Roty Zazous Lion Doll.  This lion is super soft, cute, and cuddly.  I love that it is easy to hold and machine washable.  This lion will be a snuggle companion for many years to come." ~Tabatha



Biz~ "My favorite toy is the Plan Toys Melody Xylophone. Complete with color coordinated tabs of three popular children's songs, this instrument is the perfect introduction to melodic and rhythmic patterns. Let's jam!"




hape kitchen



"The #1 toy at the top of the list for my son this year is the Hape Gourmet Kitchen. It is the perfect toy for him - perfect for imaginary play, big enough to play side-by-side with his toddler buddies, and a great tool for him to learn life skills (like washing the dishes!). It also makes for a great gift  for other family or friends to add on to - the Plan Toys Cooking Utensils and Baking Utensils sets are inexpensive additions to complete this awesome toy." ~Hanna 

skuut bike


Claire~ "My favorite toy at TGN is the Skuut Balance Bike! I love any toy that gets you outside. This bike is a great gift for kids 2-5 years old and will prepare them for their first big kid bike. The Skuut Balance Bike is a bike made with no pedals and no training wheels. Its self propelled and allows them to learn balance before trying out the real thing!"






"My top holiday gift from TGN would have to be ALL the vehicles in the Hape Bamboo Collection. The e-Drifter and e-Dozer will be under the tree for my youngest, and I am beyond impressed! They’re big and sturdy… the perfect size for him to get a good grip on and roll around on the floor. They are very well-made, eco-friendly, and just look so darn cool. Plus the smaller cars make great stocking stuffers!" ~Stephanie






fruit and veggies

Kat~ "It's tough to decide which toy I like most at The Green Nursery! I really love all the farming toys and food toys. I think the individual Plan Toys Fruits and Veggies are adorable and I especially love the tractors at TGN. Plan Toys makes a really neat wooden tractor made with recycled rubber wood and water based dyes. TGN also has a Tractor made by Green Toys which is 100% recycled plastic free of BPA, PVC and phthalates-- and it's made in the USA. I think a few Plan fruits and veggies would make great stocking stuffers, plus they fit perfectly in the back of a tractor! It is a fun way for kids to use their imagination to learn about farming."


space center



  "Discovery Space Center.  Because the boy in me likes rockets.

   And it is a giant rocket." ~Scott 









hape piano


Abby~ "As the person who helps choose all of TGN's toys, it's hard for me to pick just one.  But since it was my idea to get all the staff to choose ONE toy, I will too.  :)  I love the Hape Playful Piano! It's the perfect toddler/preschooler size, and the notes are correct so you can pick out a tune.  Kids that visit TGN have a blast pounding away, and I love that it is red and just looks so classic. I think this is the perfect under the tree gift that would bring joy to any child and music loving parent!" 





finger paint It comes down to a tie between the Hape Piano and Wee Can Too's Finger Paints. While I enjoy most all of the musical instruments we carry, the Hape piano really is a statement piece. It's classy, sleek design ranks it as a toy with the capability to grow into a symbol of one's childhood to cherish later in life. You may think I'm exaggerating; come play with our store demo so you can hear for yourself that it sounds as lovely as it looks. However, while the piano offers a classic form of play, there's something more unique to be found with baby veggie finger paints. Made from real, organic fruits and veggies, these art supplies are gluten-free, dairy-free, vegan, and non-toxic. So even if Baby's hands veer from the paper (or cardboard or whatever fun adventure you've set up) and into their mouth, there's nothing to worry about. They already love getting their hands dirty, so why not filter that habit through art! ~Crystal





From all of us at TGN,



our wish to you to you this holiday season...


TGN Holiday Promo from BRAVE NEW PRODUCTIONS on Vimeo.