Welcome to Win It Wednesdays here on the TGN Blog! The first and third Wednesday of every month will kick-off a new giveaway, with the winner being chosen and announced on the second and fourth Wednesday! This week: TotsBots Easy Fit

tots bots

First Impressions
I am not sure whether to call the TotsBots Easy Fit an extremely easy-to-stuff pocket, or an all-in-one (AIO). I think I would call it an AIO, simply because all the pieces are sewn together (except the fleece liner, which I'll get to in a second). This means it is very easy to stuff (no searching for the right insert, no confusion on the part of a caregiver), but has a relatively short drying time. So we'll call it a one-size AIO.

The very first thing I noticed was the softness of the minky inner, which is dyed to match the outer. The second was that this diaper comes with sort of a freebie - a fleece liner. If you've never used a liner before, they are one option for dealing with poop (especially after your baby is eating solids), and fleece liners also act as a stay-dry layer right against Baby's skin. You can read a little about them here. We tend to use (disposable) liners when we travel, and they are really convenient whenever we're away from our diaper sprayer (for day trips, for instance). And these TotsBots liners can be used with any diaper, so they add something to your entire stash, whether it is all TotsBots or not!

The whole diaper is softer than the Freetime. They are about equal in actual trimness. And they seem to fit a broader range of baby sizes than the Itti Bitti Tutto.

Diaper in Action
The TotsBots has exactly zero prepping instructions, adding to its allure as a simple diapering solution. So I brought ours home, clipped off the tag (the extent of the diaper's packaging), and left it out for my husband to try. He was briefly confused by the two rows of snaps, which resulted in the diaper being cock-eyed, but he fixed it pretty quickly!

We got a good fit with no leaks on our quite skinny 2-year-old. Pee is totally soaked through to the insert, and the minky keeps wetness away from the baby's skin. It is actually a little difficult to tell that it has been wet!

I never removed the insert before washing. I believe I have washed it three times now, and the insert came out on its own - no need to pull out a wet or dirty insert (so far?)!

I would definitely use this as a nighttime diaper for A-Train (again, he is not a particularly heavy wetter) and would even give it a go if I had a heavy wetter. There is room to add a doubler to boost absorbency even more. If anyone has tried this for nighttime with a heavy wetter, I'd love to hear how it worked!

Corroborating Evidence
A good friend of mine who moved away recently came back to Bloomington and made a stop at TGN specifically to get some AIOs to try out. A week later, she sent me a message specifically about the TotsBots (not knowing I was working on a review)! She said I had to try this diaper. She said (and I got permission to quote!): "I like that it's super easy to care for, both dirty and clean. Virtually no assembly/disassembly. Perfect for non-cloth diaper family members and caretakers. And so far no leaks, which is a big because G pees like a grown man!"

It is definitely worth noting that G is 4 months old and over 20lbs. He is a chunky dude, and gets a great fit in the TotsBots Easy Fit just as my 25lb skinny-mini 2-year-old does! So obviously this diaper works on two very differently-shaped diaperlings (totally sticking by that new word I made up last week).

Would you like to win a TotsBots Easy Fit for your own stash? We'll be giving one away on Wednesday, October 24th! The winner can choose any solid color in either snaps or hook-and-loop closure. This giveaway will only ship within the U.S. To enter, simply follow the instructions on the Rafflecopter widget below! The more connected you are with The Green Nursery, and the more you share your love, the more entries you get!

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