A few weeks ago, I realized that it was officially time to put all my son's diapers away. I was reaching for his diapers less and less, and his cloth trainers more and more. His diapers occupied a corner of our living room, the place where we spend most of our time. I kept them stored in a basket, along with his cloth wipes, which were housed in an old disposable wipes container. It was our little changing station. 

But once he was ready to move on to cloth trainers full time, I realized the changing station that was so convenient for us during his diapering days was no longer working for us. Storing his trainers in the bathroom just made more sense. So that's where I made a new changing station for him- his potty training station!

potty training station

I found that the perfect spot for his potty-training station was right on top of our toilet tank. I could also store his trainers in the bathroom closet, in a cabinet or drawer in our vanity, or even on the shelf under our medicine cabinet, but right on top of the toilet works best for us. Having his trainers in reach makes clean up quick and easy! 

His training station consists of a small basket filled with all of his necessities: several daytime cloth trainers, a couple nighttime pants, and cloth wipes. Yeah, I'm not ready to give up my cloth wipes just yet! If he has soiled or wet his trainer, I just toss it (along with any used cloth wipes) in a medium sized Planetwise Hanging Wet Bag I have hanging from the door knob. 

 basket of trainers and wipes

There are a few other things that help make our bathroom "potty-training friendly". There's the diaper sprayer and the Spray Pal- a great combo for cleaning up any messy accidents. We also have a stool sitting in front of the toilet that my husband built. It sticks out just far enough for our kiddo to step up on, but no too far that it gets in anyone else's way when they are using the bathroom. We also have a removable potty seat that sits on top of the toilet bowl.We've tried using a potty chair with all four of our kids, but none of them ever used it. They much preferred to sit on the toilet, so the potty seat is what works best for us.

We have two bathrooms, so we have this set up in each of them. It's so much more convenient having all of our potty training necessities in hands reach. Share your potty training necessities in the comments below!

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