One of the hardest parts of being a new parent is balancing caring for a new tiny human AND yourself. The tiny human will be very good at reminding you to give your best care, but the needs of the new parent are often forgotten, or pushed aside. Part of that means that nutrition is lacking, and that’s a huge problem-especially for a nursing mama! If we don’t properly refuel our body, we are asking for issues to arise. Anything from lack of energy to the inability to fight off infections can come to light when self care goes out the window.. and none of that is something a new parent can really afford. But, how do you find the time to plan and prepare meals AND snacks that you can take anywhere, with little effort or thought..? The struggle.

and then, along came Ugo.. 

Ugo Bars

These amazing bars are built with wellness in mind. They are hand-crafted right here in the wonderful Bloomington, Indiana and boast a pretty impressive line of hot words: Gluten-Free, Non-GMO, Vegan, and of course-ALL NATURAL!

Further though, they are delicious and really do provide fuel! My first thought when trying my first bar was, “I bet I could make these at home..” and then I laughed until I snorted because I remembered it takes me three days to just do one load of laundry. My point is, they are made with very real ingredients. They aren’t any unpronounceable by-product ground and smooshed into a bar-like form. And, they are by far the best Gluten-Free texture I’ve ever experienced.

Ugo currently offers four flavors of nut-based bars, here's my take on each one:

Ultra- this is the indulgent bar. Cinnamon, cherry, and chocolate mixed into nuts in a perfect balance that feels decadent but whole. This is the ultra treat for that sweet tooth that needs filled.

Wanderlust- this guy is exactly what I've wanted every peanut butter chocolate “health bar” to be, but wasn't. For starters, it's actual NUTS. And the cacao gives enough of a chocolate taste without making it over the top. I imagine this to be the most popular bar, liked by all. Perfect any time of the day!

Annutter- imagine the most flavorful peanut butter you've ever had. Fresh, and REAL. Now, imagine it in whole form. This is Anutter. This bar is the perfect gift for the new mom in your life who is nursing around the clock, or chasing around a small human. It packs a ton of energy and taste.

Cool- this bar is by far the most innovative of the flavors. At first bite, I was unsure..but the more I ate, the more I liked it. It has both sweet and savory, while also being light and filling. The coolness of the peppermint with the strong tone of cardamon brings a whole new taste to coconut like I’ve never had before. This would be the ultimate mid-day snack! Perfect to fill your belly while also waking you up and keeping you moving when naptime has passed but bedtime is too far away.

ANY of these bars would make life easier for a mom in your life. They fit perfectly into a carrier pocket for a mom on-the-go, fit perfectly in the crack of your rocking chair or couch (so you can hide from your big kids), and of course fit in any purse/clutch/diaper bag, and are perfect size for a kid snack!

Enter the photo contest for your chance to win a box of bars, and share with us which flavor is your favorite.

Cheers to good health!

Contest Details:

Our friends at Ugo Bars have generously donated a box of their delicious bars to give away to one lucky winner! To enter, head on over to Instagram and post a picture of your favorite wholesome snack for yourself or your kids. For your entry to qualify, you'll need to:

1) Follow @ugobars and @thegreennursery

2) Tag @ugobars and @thegreennursery in your post

3) Use the hashtag #UGoTGN

We can't wait to see your photos! The winner will be picked at random and announced next Wednesday, January 20th! You may post one time each day for additional entries!

This giveaway will ship anywhere in the contiguous United States. Must be 18 years or older to enter.