I had the distinct pleasure of giving the new GroVia Unders a go on my big kid, and I am excited to share my feedback!

GroVia Unders are 100% cotton tank tops and underwear. Sold in two packs, with a kickin’ print and a coordinating solid color, these tank tops and underwear can be mixed and matched with ease. The design is unisex, and boosts no synthetic fiber at all (including the waistbands!) and a tag free design.

Unders are so cute and comfortable. My big kid has wanted to wear them under everything, which is a laundry problem for me until I can buy him more at launch time! His feedback is that he likes that there is no itchy tag tickling his neck, and that he likes the colors more than he likes his superhero underwear. That’s high praise from my superhero-loving dude!

My feedback as a mama: it is so nice to have solid colors and prints that are not character-y. The fit is incredible - no underwear riding up and bothering him, and no sag-butt. The tank tops are a soft and practical layer, and they are so low profile that I can’t tell if he is wearing one unless I peek under his neckline. They have been washed and worn countless times and we have not had any fabric shrinkage, and the colors are still nice and vibrant.

Let’s check out a flat lay picture, and an IRL (in real life) fit picture!

GroVia Unders in Retro Cats pattern, with the coordinating light ice blue.


Big kid, wearing 5T Unders underwear and tank top, in the teal solid color from the Dinos sets.  


Oops, busted! 


For reference, my big kid stands at 44 inches tall, and weighs about as many pounds. The GroVia fairies sent us a 5T set of underwear and tank tops, and they are a perfect fit on him. I’m a little heartbroken that he’s at the biggest size now. He has worn GroVia since he was four weeks old, and it feels crazy for him to be aging out of one of our favorite brands! Good thing he has a little brother! This is totally an excuse to have more children, right?

GroVia Unders, as well as the new Woodlands Remix print, will be available in a range of styles, sizes, and colors on Monday, February 27th!