Just in time for Valentine's Day, I bring to you: a not-totally-difficult-nor-time-consuming craft! It involves painting baby hands, how can you beat that, right?

I am not usually the Pinterest-crafty mama. I *want* to be. But, life's been so busy lately, and baby Bear is just not sleeping, and so my ability to make the Pinterest crafts happen has been nonexistent. But I love homemade valentines, and painting my baby and kiddo's hands and/or feet just sends me over the edge of the cute threshold. While scouring Pinterest, I came across a great idea, and thought I'd share it here!

Here is what you will need:

  • a baby, or a kid - your own, or one borrowed with permission :)
  • paint - I used acrylic. I wanted to use the Eco-kids paint, but I spaced it on getting it at the shop, so I used what I had on deck!
  • a paint brush
  • construction paper in a solid color (this is where the painted hand will go)
  • construction or scrapbook paper
  • small scrap of construction paper, scrapbook paper, or card stock (sturdy paper)
  • a picture of your baby or kiddo
  • glue
  • a marker
  • scissors



Step 1: Gather your supplies. The first supply is the baby or kid(s), that should be the hardest supply to contain! I used the supplies I had on hand. In hindsight, white paint on light pink paper wasn't my favorite color combination, but hey, this isn't going to the Louvre, so it's all good.

Step 2: Grab the paint, the brush, and the solid colored paper. And now comes the trickiest part if you are operating with a baby under the age of nine. (Kidding, mostly, but really - if you've got a baby, you may appreciate the help of a spouse/partner/friend for this step). Paint your baby's hand, making sure to cover the palm and all those adorable fingers. Carefully press the hand down onto the paper, and slowly remove. Voila! One perfect handprint! Or, a handprint, with all of its beautiful imperfections! Set it aside to dry.


Step 3: Pick out a cute picture of your baby that you don't mind sacrificing to this craft. Cut it to a size that would fit under the size of the handprint when it is cut out.

Step 4: When the handprint is dry, cut out around it to make a rounded shape.


Step 5: Grab your other piece of paper, be it construction, scrapbook, or whatever. Also grab your scrap paper, your glue, the cut out picture, and the cut out handprint. Take your scrap paper and cut out a piece about one inch by one half inch long (per handprint/picture). Fold it in half, width wise. This bad boy is going to be the piece that works as a flap, to move the handprint piece up and down. Position your picture where you would like it on your paper, apply glue to the back of the picture, affix one half of the folded scrap paper on the back bottom of the picture, and then glue the picture (flap attached) to the paper. This should leave you with the other half of scrap paper sticking out under the picture, like the tag on a shirt. Fold it up, so that it is touching your picture, and place glue on the part that is NOT touching your picture. Attach the bottom of the back of the handprint piece to this glued side. (See picture below!).

Handprints on Paper

Step 6: When the glue is dry, take your marker and write a cutesy message about blowing kisses on the underside of the handprint. Awwww, get it? So cute! Grandmas love this stuff, guys.

Finished Craft

Step 7: Pat yourself on the back! You just did a craft, and you are kicking this parent thing's behind! Go, you!

Have a wonderful time crafting, and have a happy Valentine's Day with you lovely loved ones!