Hello, moms, dads, moms-or-dads-to-be, or people who just really like reading blogs about baby products! This is Hanna again! I’ve written a couple drop-in posts for the TGN Blog, but I am jazzed to join Jordan and Stephanie as the new team of regular contributors!

Since we don’t know each other very well yet, I thought I ought to take this first post as an opportunity to introduce myself. Please do feel free to leave a comment, on here or on the facebook post, with a little about you, too! I’m familiar with a lot of you local gals, and I’d love to get to know you not-so-local friends, too! Won’t you be my neighbor, won’t you be my friend? (Oh, gosh, Daniel Tiger, what are you doing here?!)

Hanna and Family

So, my name is Hanna. I am a Bloomington transplant, originally from the NW Indiana/Chicagoland area. I moved here to go to school at IU, met the handsome Husband, had our first baby (a boy, who we’ll call Bee, for privacy or whatever), got this awesome gig at The Green Nursery, got married, graduated from school with my six-year BA in Communication and Culture, bought a house, and then had ANOTHER baby boy (baby Bear). All in six years. Did I mention that we moved five times during all that?  WHEW! Isn’t that the order that everybody does life? No? Clearly, I like to keep busy.

Getting the job at TGN was huge for me. The Husband and I, we were both finishing our degrees, Bee was less than two years old, and Lord, did we need me to start earning my keep. But from the moment it began, it was clearly more than just a job. Working at TGN has introduced me to my family of fellow TGN staff, and it was an incredible way to get submerged in the parent and parent-to-be community in Bloomington. Plus, all the awesome fun products, duh. It further solidified my affinity for using cloth diapers, babywearing, using eco-friendly toys and products, the whole shebang.

Currently, my oldest, Bee, just turned four (WHAT? NO WAY! *CRIES*), and baby Bear is nearly half-a-year old. I work behind the counter at TGN part time, and teach the monthly Cloth 101 class (which is totally fun and informative and casual, so if you’re on the fence, just come. You’ll like it, I promise!). The rest of my time, I am working from home, working ON my home, or sitting outside of my home on the porch with a cup of coffee in hand, watching the big kids on our quiet street enjoy their childhood.

On our rare days off altogether, our family likes to go hiking or on other outdoor adventures. I watch too much TV, eat a lot of candy, drink too much coffee, don’t sleep hardly enough, post 9,000 pictures of my kids on Instagram every week, am an obsessive organizer, love beauty products almost as much as I love baby products, and do all of those things with a big ol’ proud smile on my face. I used to read a lot, too, but now it’s mostly mom-blogs and recipes. Which is still pretty legit!

I feel very lucky to have such an incredible little life here, and I look forward to sharing parts of it with you, too!

Hanna and Bear