Hey All!

Jordan here! On par with Hanna’s previous post, I though I’d do a bit of an introduction before we dive in. I’m one of the newest members of the TGN family, Bloomington transplant, and mama to two boys. My sweet family assembled here in Btown about two and a half years ago. It’s our place and they will never get us to leave! Working at TGN has allowed me to dive deep into the Mama community here and I cannot say enough about how wonderful that has been for me. <3

Jordan and Family

Although both my children are boys, that’s about where the similarities stop. My oldest, Roo, will be 4 in November and every day is about growth with him. Sometimes it’s growing pains, sometimes it’s blooming flowers… (depends on how much coffee I’ve consumed before he wakes). My petite bebe, Lennox (7 months) is the most laid-back, cool dude you’ll ever meet. Super smiley, super snuggly. He’s so peaceful and easy, just the way I ordered him! ;) Thanks to their differences, I feel like I've felt the feels on every extreme parenting spectrum.

In my stages of mamahood, one cliche has become so real for me; and that’s the “It takes a village.” mentality. Mamas and babies are my passion..every time I see a mama-to be glowing, or a mama in the trenches resisting a major meltdown, I just want to reach out and say: "I’ve been there, you're doing great." 

Jordan and baby

I’ve struggled, I’ve celebrated, I’ve cried, I’ve laughed. I’ve felt immense loneliness, and I’ve submerged myself in my village. Wherever you are, likely I’ve been there too. THAT is what I love most about my job at TGN.. giving support to mamas in need. And now that I’ve gotten to know so many of our local customers, I am really looking forward to getting to know our online folks. I hope to hear from you all, loud and often! Diaper wash routine talk, to how much your little has not been sleeping.. let’s hear it. Let’s get to know one another! I’ll share my real life here with you, if you promise to give lots of feedback. That is, after all, what drives our store! You, the customer, are the ones who really run things.. so let’s be friends :)