8 Great Uses for Wet Bags

My favorite cloth diapering accessory is the wet bag, hands down. For those not familiar with wet bags, they're handy little waterproof sacks that are great for storing  your little one's dirty diapers, wet clothes, and so much more! They come in different sizes and closures. Although my son is out of diapers, I'm not ready to part with my wet bag collection just yet... I probably won't ever be! There are so many great ways to use them. Here are my eight favorite uses for wet bags... 

wet bag on beach

1.) Storing Diapers

Of course, wet bags are most commonly known for storing dirty diapers until laundry day. When my youngest was still in diapers, we hung a large Planetwise Wet Bag from our bathroom door knob. It would hold at least a couple days worth of diapers... sometimes more if I was slacking on diaper laundry. :) When it was time to wash, I emptied out the diapers into the washer and tossed the bag in with them. I rotated between the two wet bags, so that when I was washing and drying one, I'd have another ready to go.

These bags are also great for storing diapers while on the go! I kept a medium Planetwise Wet Bag in the car, and a smaller one in my purse.  Wet bags are not just for cloth diaper users, they can also be handy for storing disposable diapers, too! Although sposies can be thrown away, sometimes a trash can is not available, like in the car, on the beach, or places where it's is prefered that disposables be taken home to dispose of, like the pediatricians office. They are a much better alternative to the plastic grocery sack, like I used when my older children were in diapers. 

2.) Diaper Bag Replacement

I've never been a fan of hauling around a diaper bag. My diaper bag has always been my purse. I have a BIG purse. :) I only bring along the essentials whenever we leave the house: an outfit, a couple diapers, and some cloth wipes. I found the medium size Planetwise wet/dry bag was a perfect "diaper bag" for my needs. I would toss the clean outfit, diaper, and wipes in the front dry pouch, and once we used them, I placed the soiled items in the waterproof wet side. These bags also have a nifty little handle to carry them by.  

3.) Potty Training

Wet bags have really come in handy for us while potty training. Once we switched from diapers to cloth training pants and big boy underwear, I switched out our large hanging wet bag or a medium one. I found the medium bags to be the perfect size for storing a couple days worth of trainers, underwear, and wipes.

They're also great for accidents while on the go. Again, the medium size wet/dry bag is my go to bag for this. I put his underwear and a change of clothes in the front dry section, and soiled items in the wet section. These bags are great for keeping smells and wetness contained. 

4.) Storing Wet Swim Suits

Another one of my favorite uses for wet bags is storing wet swim suits! When my middle schooler was taking swim class at school, he kept a medium size wet bag in his backpack. It was perfect for carrying his towel and trunks to and from his locker, and keeping everything in his backpack from getting wet.

When my youngest and I took a Mommy and Me swim class this spring, I brought along the large wet bag. I stored our dry clothes inside and hung it up in a locker while we swam. When it was time to go, I stored my wet swimsuit, his swim diaper, and our wet towels inside. 

5.) Beach Bag

Wet bags make perfect beach bags! We store clothes, towels, cell phones, and more inside to protect them from sand and wetness. When it's time to head home, we store wet and sandy items inside to keep our vehicle clean.

6.) Illness

Wet bags definitely come in handy during times of illness, especially stomach bugs! I use them for storing prefolds, blankets, and clothing that has gotten throw up on them. It makes me feel better keeping all that laundry confined and zipped up inside the wet bag and not out in the open in our hamper until it was time to wash. A wet bag can also come in handy if your kiddo gets sick in the car!    

7.) Kitchen Towel Storage

My laundry room is not close to my kitchen, so used dish towels don't always end up in the hamper right away. Hanging a small wet bag from a drawer knob is a great way to store dirty towels. Much better than having a collection of three or so towels and rags wadded up in the sink! 

8.) Storing Baby Carriers

For storing my carriers in our vehicle, wet bags are a must! Anything on the floor of my van is fair game for getting walked on by little feet or getting something spilled on it. Carriers are not cheap, and I want to keep them protected. I store my Ergo and Tula in medium size Planetwise wet bags (in separate bags, of course). The Toddler Tula is a bit of a squeeze, but I can make it fit!  

I usually toss my Sakura Bloom Ring Sling in my purse, but just because it's in my purse doesn't necessarily mean it's safe... I feel much better keeping it stored inside a small wet bag, like the GroVia wet bag. That way, when I toss a sippy cup that is supposed to be non spillable ("supposed to be" being the key words) I don't have to worry about my precious Sakura Bloom silk!

These are just some of the many great uses for wet bags... there are even more great ways to use them. Share your favorite ways to use them in the comments below!

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