Meet the newest member of our blog team!  Stephanie Beck is the mother of a dinosaur expert, a set of twins somehow born 13 months apart, and a wild baby boy. After losing her job as a doctor’s nurse (while on maternity leave) and for standing up for her rights to pump at work, she went back to her previous job as a Labor and Delivery nurse. While she was so happy to be back in a job she loved, the newest member of her family could not tolerate being separated from her. He refused to take a bottle no matter what she and her husband tried, and screamed the entire time she was away. She realized as much as her family needed that extra money, her baby needed her more. Now Stephanie is learning to adjust to being a one income household and blogs about her adventures in attachment parenting at She is very excited to be blogging for The Green Nursery as well.

What's In Your Diaper Bag

Ok, let’s be honest. I usually don’t carry a diaper bag. When I had my first baby, I never left the house without a fully stocked diaper bag. Three kids later, I am lucky if I make it out the house with just the bare essentials! If I am just running to the grocery store, or am going to be gone for only a couple hours, my purse is my “diaper bag”. I usually throw a pocket diaper, a couple cloth wipes, and a one piece outfit in there, and we’re out the door. If we forget the “real” diaper bag at home, it usually is not that big of a deal. I do stock the real diaper bag if we are planning on being away from home for a big part of the day.

Diaper Bag

This weekend, a couple of friends and I are planning to take our kids to a local pool. Time to stock the diaper bag!  
So the question is: What’s in my diaper bag? Let’s take a look inside:
1. Cloth Diapers- I have four bumGenius 4.0 pocket diapers stuffed and ready to go. I love the convenience of these diapers! They work much like disposables. I have also used two Grovia Hybrid shells and a four snap-in inserts. This option takes up a bit less space if you don’t have a big diaper bag.
2. Cloth Wipes- I use Grovia Cloth Wipes. Of all the wipes I have tried, these are by far my favorite! They are thick and absorbent, and it usually only takes one wipe to do the job! When packing the diaper bag though, I pack two wipes per diaper, just to be on the safe side. Plus, it’s nice to have extras for spills or runny noses.
3. Peri Bottle- I use a peri bottle that I brought home from the hospital to wet the cloth wipes. It fits nicely in the diaper bag in the spot made to hold bottles. Some people like to pack pre-moistened cloth wipes, but I would probably forget about them by the end of the day, and end up with moldy wipes.
4. Cloth Diaper Safe Ointment- When using cloth diapers, you should use a diaper ointment that is safe for your diapers. I use the Grovia Magic Stick. I love how you can just swipe it on baby’s bottom without getting your fingers messy! And it smells good too! It comes in full size and a smaller version, which is perfect for your diaper bag. If you choose to use a diaper rash cream that is not cloth diaper safe, be sure to use a liner in the diaper so that it doesn’t get on them and cause repelling and leaks!
5. Reusable Swim Diaper- Since we are going to the pool, we can’t forget his swim diaper! We have a Bummis Swimmi in the Turtles pattern. These swim diapers are wonderful! So much better than buying packs of disposable swim diapers.
6. Small Wet Bag- I use a small wet bag that I attached to the diaper bag with a hook to store the dirty diapers. It’s a good idea to bring along a couple wet bags for dirty/wet clothes or swimsuits.
7. Baby Safe Sunscreen- I have Badger Baby Active Sunscreen on my list and need to pick this up from The Green Nursery before our day at the pool!
8. Baby Safe Bug Spray- The gnats have been terrible this year! We use Kids Herbal Armor Natural Insect Repellent to keep the bugs away. It’s Deet-free and safe for babies six months and up.
9. Flat Cloth Diapers- I keep a couple of flats in the diaper bag. Not only do they make great spare diapers, they also work wonderfully as a light blanket, a lightweight nursing cover (if you really want to be covered in the hot summer months) and are also great for cleaning up spills……if you can’t tell, we tend to have a lot of spills J
10. Baby toys/teethers- We take Sophie the Giraffe everywhere we go! We don’t leave home without her! My boy loves chewing on her and making her squeak. The kids also have a funny name for her….they named her Fee-fee Wee-wee. Now imagine me out in public with a crying baby, digging in my purse, yelling, “Guys! Where’s Fee-fee Wee-wee? Have you seen Fee-fee Wee-wee?”
11. Teething Necklace- Whenever we leave the comforts of home, my baby boy tends to get distracted when it is time to nurse. Whenever I wear a teething necklace it catches his attention and helps him focus. It’s also good for….you guessed it! Teething!
12.  Clothes- I bring a couple outfits for baby, just in case we need to change his clothes.
13. Reusable Water Bottle- I bring along reusable water bottles for when the kids and I get thirsty.
14. Snacks- Don’t forget snacks for the kiddos!

Stuffed Diaper Bag

So that’s what’s in my diaper bag. I think this should get us through a day at the pool, no problem. Did I forget anything? What’s in your diaper bag??