In just a short couple of days, summer will officially be over. While it's still pretty warm here in our neck of the woods, the leaves are starting to change and cover the ground, and we know fall is on the way. I've been going through my kids closets, getting out their long sleeve shirts and pants in preparation for the cooler days that are surely soon ahead.

toddler in longies

While going through my youngest's closet, I found his pair of Sloomb Longies. He made the switch from cloth diapers to big boy underwear this past spring, so I should probably try to sell them, right? Nope! Even though he's no longer in diapers, he's still going to rock 'em! Sloomb Longies are not only super absorbent diaper covers, they're also super stylish pants, making them a perfect addition to any young child's wardrobe, whether they're in diapers or not! 

toddler in longies

I've gotten so much use out of his longies over the past couple of years... I've used them overnight under fitteds and never had any issues with leaks. They were the perfect nighttime solution for us! His longies were great for whenever we were out and about in town. I would put them over his pocket diapers, not only because they looked cute, but because they would help catch any leaks that might occur. They also helped keep him warm on those cold winter mornings, when I had to load him up in the car to take his brothers and sister to school.    

One thing that held me back from getting him a pair of longies was the price tag. They may seem pretty pricey, but they are so worth it! You get two for the price of one- a diaper cover, and a cute pair of pants that are made to last. I have certainly gotten my money out them... he's the same pair of longies for the past two, going on three years! I got him a pair of medium longs when he was one, which were a bit long on him at the time. Last year they fit him perfectly at age two. This year they're a little short on him, but will still do the job!

toddler in longies

I wouldn't say the same pair of longies fitting for two years is typical, since all babies grow differently. But even if I had only gotten one year of use out of them, I still would've been happy. Sloomb wool has a great resale value, so I would have sold them and put that money toward the next size up!

While Sloomb wool is great during the diapering days, it's still pretty fabulous once those days are over. I'm trying to hold myself back from investing in more pairs of longies! They're warm, so comfy, totally adorable, and in my opinion, the perfect pair of pants to get your little one through the fall and winter season. 

*Although I am compensated for my time writing, all opinions are my own and can't be bought. 

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