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Buying THC Online Legally even in States without Legal or Recreational Marijuana Laws

Buying THC Online Legally even in States without Legal or Recreational Marijuana Laws

Posted by S.N. on Jan 25, 2022

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Buying THC Online Legally even in States without Legal or Recreational Marijuana Laws

So, can you buy thc oil online legally?

Please Note: The following is by no means legal advice. 

Unlike State marijuana laws,  hemp is Federally legal due to the Farm Bill of 2018.  Due to the current way this law is written, deriving the same psychoactive THC analogues from hemp is currently legalSome States, however, have made State level laws against CBD and Hemp based THC analogues. Google your own current State laws for more information.

If your State has made Delta 8 or CBD illegal, then we can't advise the legality of the products found here to  Buy THC Online. Luckily they are legal in more States then they are not.

However, if you are in a State that allow Delta 8 and CBD products, then your State does not have to have legal or recreational marijuana to buy these  products found here. The reason is that the THC analogues that are derived fit the following Federal criteria:

1. They are extracted from hemp that has less than .3% Delta 9 THC.

(Trigger Warning: Math Ahead)

2. The finished product (example: delta 8 gummy) does not contain more than .3% of Delta 9 THC in the products finished weight. So in this example, even a real Delta 9 THC gummy that has 5mg of Delta 9 THC (a psychoactive dose), as long as that 5mg does not comprise more than .3% of the gummies' total weight, then it meets the criteria.  So in this example, if you had a gummy that weighed 2 grams (2000mg), then the gummy can contain up to 6mg Delta 9 THC because 2000mg * .3% = 6mg.

Does a 2 gram gummy sound like a huge gummy? It's not. Here's a picture of a typical nearly 5 gram gummy:

...yes I tried to wipe the display off, but the dust is underneath the screen :)

And here is that same gummy next to a dime for reference.

Long story short, check your State Laws regarding CBD and Delta 8 products. If you're good to go, then you can buy these  products even if your State doesn't have recreational or medical marijuana allowed.  And you will be doing so legally.  There are many places online to find this information, so don't just take our word for it. Do your own research, but be sure to come back when you're done :).

Lastly, we are aware as you should be that this is currently a loophole in the Federal government. No one knows for sure if and when it will be closed.  So make sure to stock up now here to  buy thc online legally!

Peace, and thanks for being a Green Nursery customer.

Shop THC on online on our website

Can I buy THC oil online legally?

Yes, in most States THC products that are derived from hemp rather than marijuana can be ordered and shipped. You will need to consult your State's cbd laws, but due to the current wording of the Federal Farm Bill as long as the THC is derived from Hemp and the total concentration is .3% or lower in weight of the finished product it is legal. This allows for marijuana strength THC gummies and oils to be produced and be legal even where marijuana is not. This does, however restrict smokeable marijuana still, but edibles and oils can be legally produced according to the current language.

Do I need a medical card to buy THC online?

If you are purchasing from a marijuana dispensary, that will depend on your State's legal status of marijuana. However, if you are shopping from us, our THC products can be purchased anywhere cbd is legal without a card since our THC products are derived from hemp and Federally compliant. We just require that you are 18 and up.

Is THC O legal?

THC 0 is legally Federally, but some States have started to pass State level laws that prohibit THC analogues and even CBD in a couple of States. Whether or not they actually prosecute, you will want to do some further searching on and make an informed decision as to the risk.

Is Delta 9 THC legal?

Delta 9 derived from hemp where the final weight does not exceed .3% of the total weight of the finished product is currently legal at the time of this writing in 2023.

THC makes me anxious, do you have cannabis without THC?

Yes in this case we could recommend our  cbd hemp flower. Also known as just CBD flower, these strains of cannabis are bred to have less than .3% Delta 9 THC. It can be smoked just like marijuana, but will not get you high due to the extremely low levels of THC present.

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