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Earning and Spending Points


Open Your Rewards Panel Now

Remember you must be logged in to your store account to use rewards.


Follow Guide Below


Click on the green bubble at the bottom left of most pages to access your rewards. This app is entirely where your rewards are managed now. This bubble does not show at the checkout or account screens. So apply your points before checking out. Follow the examples below. Sign in and Click All Rewards


Please note: The below images are only screenshots of a test account to give you a visual guide to follow.




Use the slider to decide how many dollars you want off your order.  In the case of the Single Use Coupon reward every 100 points you have takes a dollar off. Then hit Redeem.



A coupon code will be generated that you can copy or simply hit Apply Code to add it to your cart right now. These rewards don't have to be used right away, and will always stay available in your green bubble until used. Store Credit rewards are now available as well, and do work combined with coupons.  The redemption rate for discount coupons is at a 1:1 ratio, whereas store credit starts 2:1. 

The store credit rewards convert to store credit on your account and will stay there until you manually apply them to an order.  The benefits of store credit are that they can be used in conjunction with active coupon promotions, and they stay on your account, meaning that if we ever discontinue the rewards program these will remain available to use.*  With store credit you also do not need to copy or paste any discount code at checkout, you will see your store credit when you get to the payment method section already checked to use.  You can uncheck this if you plan to accumulate more before using on another purchase.  That is another benefit of the store credit redemption, that you can keep adding to your credit balance to save big.

Deciding which route to go will be up to you to decide with which you will get more bang for your buck.
(Please note: Store Credit is in Beta redemption phase, so the ratio of points to store credit may periodically change while we iron out the program. The redemption rates for store credit may be in flux for some time.)



*It is at our sole discretion to discontinue this program at anytime. Though we have no plans to ever do so, this is mainly a standard disclaimer that it is your responsibility to use up any rewards you have accumulated on your account.  If rewards are ever discontinued, we would give ample time and multiple notifications to redeem your existing balance.