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Earning and Spending Points


Open Your Rewards Panel Now

Remember you must be logged in to your store account to use rewards.


Follow Guide Below


Click on the green bubble at the bottom left of most pages to access your rewards. This app is entirely where your rewards are managed now. This bubble does not show at the checkout or account screens. So apply your points before checking out. Follow the examples below. Sign in and Click All Rewards


Please note: The below images are only screenshots of a test account to give you a visual guide to follow.




Use the slider to decide how many dollars you want off your order.  Every 100 points you have takes a dollar off. Then hit Redeem.



A coupon code will be generated that you can copy or simply hit Apply Code to add it to your cart right now. These rewards don't have to be used right away, and will always stay available in your green bubble until used. PLEASE BE ADVISED: The rewards program rewards you with dollars off coupons and can not be used with other coupons at the same time.  We have no control over this, as the rewards program and shopping cart are both closed source code.



Please note we only have one rewards tier level now.  The program details are also available in the green bubble.