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What is Autoship?

Autoship is the same as Amazon's subscribe and save feature. Your credit card gets saved and used for recurring discounted purchases. Subscriptions are completely optional and off by default unless you choose that option. Saving credit cards is also completely optional unless you have a subscription item, because well, we'll need that to charge your future orders.

A couple things to note about subscriptions: 

  1. If you used a coupon on your initial order, that applies to the first order only. All recurring purchases are at the discount specified in the recurring purchase dropdown you selected. (Example: 20% Recurring). Note: Abuse of this system may disqualify you from future autoship options.
  2. If your recurring purchase does not meet the $49 free shipping threshold we will charge you our cheapest shipping method of just $4.75.
  3. As some of our products (example: hemp strains) are not available forever, your subscription for that product will be cancelled if we run out of it.  We will do our best to notify you in advance so you don't run out and give you options or directions on how to create a new recurring order. 
  4. Not every restock will be exact same quality as before. Since when we get new batches of hemp strains they can vary from grow to grow. We do our best to keep the quality the same, but the look may be brighter or darker from batch to batch.


How do I manage my autoship subscription: 

Managing your subscription is easy, but it must be done from our main .com website here.  When you create an order on either or all subscription management is done from our main .com site and the link mentioned previously.


What all actions do I have control over with my subscription?

Almost everything you could want with the exception of changing a product outright. Referencing the screenshot above, find an item you have set for autoship and hit the edit menu from the top right corner.  Please note: Each item is it's own subscription, but if you ordered them together on the original order, they will be all reordered together. However, you can cancel individual items from renewing, but at this time you can not add new items...  you would need to place a new starter order for that.

From your control panel you can do the following:

  • Running low on a product before your next renewal date, just click edit > ship now and this will trigger an order asap.
  • Have too much of your product near a renewal date? No need to cancel subscription and lose your perks. Just click skip occurence and your autoship will continue the on the next scheduled frequency.
  • Cancel a subscription item. Each item is it's own subscription, but if you ordered them together on the original order, they will be all reordered together. You can cancel single items from recurring.
  • Change your shipping address
  • Add a new credit card and set your order to use the new payment method.  Please make sure to update the card on all subscription items that are set to fulfill together to avoid multiple orders being placed on different cards.
  • Change product options.  Say you ordered 7grams of Hawaiian Haze on your first order and you liked it a lot. You can update the product to 28g for future shipments and receive your same discounts.

What can't you do from the control panel:

  • At this time completely changing a product can be done in special circumstances by contacting customer service.  It can not be done through your control panel.
  • Grouping together new items in an existing subscription set can not be done.

Still have questions?  Feel free to contact us