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The Green Nursery Rewards Program

What is this rewards program?
Our rewards program is simple and requires no commitment from you the customer. To enroll simply create a customer account at The Green Nursery by using the 'log in' button in the customer control panel at the top right, or simply click here. When you create your account you will be automatically awarded with 100 points!
Reward Tiers


  • 4 points per dollar
  • 25 points per review
  • 45 day returns


  • 5 points per dollar
  • 50 points per review
  • 60 day returns
  • Exclusive Coupons


  • 6 points per dollar
  • 50 per review
  • 60 day returns
  • Exclusive Coupons
  • Private Sales Events
How do I earn points?
Earning points is simple and there is one mandatory rule - you must be logged in to your account, so the points can be applied.
  • Earn points when you shop. Almost every product earns points for purchasing. You can see how much you will earn on both the catalog and product pages for any particular item. You can also see the total points you will earn in the shopping cart above the subtotal.
  • You can also earn 25 points for every product review once approved by a site administrator. Most all reviews are accepted, positive or negative.
  • Participating in active polls can earn you 10 points when polls are active.
  • Customer referrals can be made through the account dashboard.  If a customer you refer signs up and places an order 300 points will be automatically added to your account.
What can I spend points on, and how do I spend them?
You can spend points on almost any product.* There is a convenient slider in the shopping cart where you can adjust how many points you would like to use, and it will dynamically adjust your subtotal to reflect your usage.
During the duration of certain storewide sales such as Black Friday, points spending may be temporarily suspended in order to maintain the already deep sale prices.  During this period points will still be accumulated for purchases, and may be redeemed at a later date.
How much are the points worth?
Every 100 points is worth $1 US. So for example you will earn a dollar for every 4 reviews (25 points each) you leave. Also, currently all items purchased earn 4 points for every dollar spent - so in essence you receive 4% back on every purchase in points, redeemable on future purchases.
How long do my points last?
From the time points are earned, you will have 1 year to spend them.  Our system will automatically notify you a month before your points expire to give you a chance to use them up!
*At this time, points are not redeemable on bumGenius or Flip products due to manufacturer regulations (though points are still earned on the purchase of these products). Point spending may also be excluded from certain short term promotions such as buy x get y free deals. If an item is excluded from points spending the slider will not show until an eligible item is added to the cart.

Rewards Program