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Below you will find a real-time list of the basic cannabinoids listed in our CBD Flower Certificates of Analysis consolidated into one simple to read list.  For most users you will want to check out the CBDA + CBD amounts to get the percentage of Total CBD.  To confirm the product is compliant hemp the Delta 9 THC should be at or below 0.3%.  We list some other popular cannabinoids here, but not every single one.  If you go to the product page and scroll down to the product description you will always find a link to the full pdf of the certificate of analysis if you wish to drill down further.

This page will scroll right as well to see more columns.  You can use the handy filters and sorting options to zero in on what you are looking for as well.  Lastly, cells that say 0.001% indicate non-detectible amounts. Hope you find this helpful!

If you are using this tool on mobile, if you click any record it will expand to show you more information and a link to the product page in the last cell of each record.