BumGenius fans are all abuzz with the new 5.0 pocket diaper release. There's been lots of discussions on how the style might change and I'm here to bring you pictures and my thoughts on the launch.

bumGenius 5.0 diapers

My 4.0 is obviously a bit more broken in than the brand new 5.0, but I found the fits to be fairly similar. (4.0 on left, 5.0 on right)

4.0 and 5.0 on Len

The biggest difference I found upon opening was that the micro-fleece lining is much softer in the 5.0, as is the inside of the pocket and therefore I'm thinking it would be more likely that the inserts would agitate out in the wash on their own if that's something you're hoping for. I'm not a fan of stuffing and emptying pocket diapers, so they don't get utilized a ton around here. Although if the inserts agitated out, that may very well change..

4.0 and 5.0 on Len

The difference in materials used also allows for a bit more stretch, and perhaps a bit more of a trim fit. Lennox is almost spot-on for being averaged-sized so we don't often struggle with fit. I imagine the 5.0 will cling to super skinny babies a bit better without getting any tighter on a chunky baby. That bit of stretch will probably improve the cloth diapering experience for many of you who have babies on either end of the spectrum! 

4.0 and 5.0 on Len

The big deal of this release is the new-and-improved elastics that cottonbabies is introducing that claims to be just for cloth diapers! It'll be interesting to see, with time, how these elastics hold up! 

Overall, subtle but important changes from the 4.0 to the 5.0. Same great fit, same versatile design. Just a bit more convenient, snugglier, and longer lasting. 

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