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I want to start off by saying I'm not a huge fan of pocket diapers. If I'm being completely honest, I'd have to say that after over a year of cloth diapering, they kind of annoy me. I wash the diapers, dry the diapers then stuff the diapers. Then after the diapers are dirty I have to take the inserts out and start that routine all over again. I love having my GroVia Hybrids for when I'm just burnt out on stuffing. However, I think the pockets are some of my husband's favorite because all he has to do is change the diaper and leave the dirty one on the back of the toilet. I'll take the inserts out and put it all in the wet bag. For this review I'll be talking about the bumGenius 4.0, a pocket diaper than happens to be TGN's biggest seller.

The bumGenius 4.0 is a typical pocket diaper, but with really awesome features that you can only find on the bumGenius products! As I mentioned in my Freetime review, the bumGenius diapers (and Flip covers) have the stretchy tabs with the butterfly closure. It gives you something to tug on without pulling the other side of the diaper out from under your baby!

The 4.0 also has a couple of leak-reducing features.  First is what they call a waterproof insert stopper. This is a strip of waterproof fabric (same fabric as the diaper's outer) sewn across the inside top of the diaper.  It lays on your little one's belly to prevent possible leaks. If your little one likes to sleep on their belly, this is a great feature for nighttime or nap time use! Second, there is the slot cover in the back over the nice, wide opening for stuffing in inserts. It is easy to stuff, and the slot cover helps stop leaks in the back of the diaper.

The 4.0 comes in all sorts of beautiful colors and some adorable prints. bumGenius recently came out with the Irwin and Maathai prints.  I'm hoping our next baby is a girl because my husband refuses to let me put Monkey in the Maathai print! I really like their Albert and Lovelace prints as well.

When you purchase this diaper, you will receive two inserts. One newborn insert and a larger one-size insert. The newborn insert is lightweight so your tiny diaper won't be too stuffed and bulky. Once your little one outgrows the newborn insert it can be used with the one size insert for nighttime or extra absorbency for heavy wetters.The one-size insert can be snapped down for small, medium or large use. For Monkey we use the largest setting paired with the newborn insert. They're plenty absorbent for him during the day. However, at night he would leak through without additional absorbency. The beauty of pocket diapers is that you can stuff whatever you need to inside so you can use them at night. The pocket is wide enough that you could even stuff a prefold inside! (I've actually used a prefold inside the 4.0 for nighttime and it worked wonderfully! Of course it is pretty bulky, but that doesn't bother us for nighttime use.) On nights when Monkey doesn't wet as heavily, the 4.0 worked for him. I woke in the middle of the night when I realized I forgot to put him in his nighttime diaper (doh!) so I had to get up and change him. Of course being tired and not having any nighttime diapers ready, I reached for the 4.0. It lasted him from about 4 in the morning to noon (he slept in really late that day!) without any leaks. I was actually quite impressed with it. It also works well for naps without having to add any extra absorbency.


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Prepping the 4.0 is extremely easy. The only thing it requires is washing once in hot water before the first use. Since it's microfiber, it can be washed with your other diapers if you choose! There aren't any natural oils you have to worry about.

Washing the 4.0 is also simple, as there aren't any special washing instructions. I put the inserts in the dryer and the shell on the drying rack. Neither the shell nor the inserts take long to dry. I usually wash diapers in the late afternoon or evening, so my diapers tend to be left to dry overnight. The 4.0 is always dry and ready to go by morning!

Though I said that I'm not a huge fan of pocket diapers, the 4.0 has won me over a bit. Stuffing diapers all the time is annoying! But with the 4.0 having a nice wide opening, it's not as annoying as other diapers. With Monkey being extremely chunky, it's hard finding diapers to fit him well. The bumGenius 4.0 fits him wonderfully. We've been running into issues with fit with some of our diapers and end up snapping those diapers on the last snap. In the 4.0, we still have a little room for him to grow.  Also, I really like how soft the suede cloth inner is and that it keeps the wetness away from Monkey's bottom.

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So does it surprise me that the bumGenius 4.0 is The Green Nursery's best selling diaper? No! I think the 4.0 is a great diaper it can be used for any time of the day or night. It has great features to fall in love with - my favorite is the stretchy tabs! Of course, you have to love the color and print choice as well. They have the most unique prints. I would definitely recommend the bumGenius 4.0 for anyone considering it. However, since it's TGN's best selling diaper, it doesn't sound like any of you need convincing.


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Katie Fender is a stay at home mom to one very active toddler. He goes by Monkey most of the time because of his fascination with climbing all over everything!  Being a stay at home mom, Katie needed to find a creative outlet and hobby so she started her blog A Tale of Fluff. Her obsession with cloth diapers started when she and her husband decided to make the switch when Monkey was a few months old. Her love of cloth diapers led her to being a tester for TGN. Now she has the pleasure of bringing you reviews for diapers at TGN you might be considering purchasing.

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