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Katie's back with another review!  Let's get ready for summer!!

Sunny days, swimsuits, cold lemonade, swimming and building sand castles. What do all of those things have in common? Those are just some of the fun things to do during the summer. When you have a little one in diapers, you have another thing to keep in mind. What swim diaper will you use for the summer? There's no need to use disposable swim diapers when you can get a great reusable swim diaper! The first thing to think about is functionality. Will the swim diaper work how it should and hold in solids? You want something stylish and cute as well. Hey, maybe you can even convert a mom or two while your little one sports a cute swimming diaper. Have you tried Bummis swim diapers yet? I have and I'm here to give all the details in another review brought to you by TGN.

On first glance, the differences between swim diapers and other cloth diapers are pretty subtle. The Bummis swim diaper (Swimmi) looks just like an ordinary diaper cover with a Velcro closure. However, the Velcro panel is a little larger than most cloth diapers to ensure a perfect fit for little ones at the pool. Another difference is that the inside of the Swimmi is made of polyester mesh which makes for easy clean ups, which is great in case there are accidents. The outside is made of super adorable cotton prints. As a cloth diapering mom, the prints are kind of a big deal, and Bummis has some great prints to choose from. Personally, I chose the super adorable clown fish print to review!

So you're thinking of getting a Swimmi, but wait, that's just another diaper to prep and wash. Surely it can't be easy as one, two, three. Can it? It absolutely can and it is. The Swimmi requires no special attention. Be sure to fasten the Velcro tabs before washing.  You can wash it with your other diaper laundry or hand wash (in warm water). I would suggest washing it separately from your other diapers if the pool you visit uses chlorine. To dry you can either hang it up or machine dry on low. I always dry any shell on my drying rack to avoid any damage they could possibly receive in the dryer.

The Swimmi has a fantastic fit on Monkey! We got the Extra Large since he is roughly 30 pounds. It comes in four different sizes. Small for babies 9-15 pounds, medium for babies 15-22 pounds, large for babies 22-30 pounds, and extra large for babies 30 pounds and up. I like how you can adjust the Velcro to find the perfect fit that's snug yet comfortable for your little one. It's nice having a diaper specifically designated for swimming so I don't have to use one of my regular cloth diapers as a swim diaper. Prior to using the Swimmi, we used our GroVia shell for a swim diaper. I feel the Swimmi is probably more comfortable since it's designed to be only a swim diaper and doesn't have anywhere to snap an insert in. The only thing I don't like about the Swimmi is that it can hold water. This really is only an issue if you're playing in your back yard and bring your baby straight into the house afterwards. If you're at the beach or a public pool it's not really an issue since you would change back into a regular diaper before getting in the car.  It is not enough water to slow or weigh Monkey down - just enough to get things wet when you take it off.

Since it's only the beginning of May, public pools aren't open just yet. I wasn't able to take him to a pool to test the Swimmi out. So we chose the next best thing, the bath tub! I was still able to use it enough to get a good feel of the Swimmi. As a swim diaper, it's designed to be just that and nothing more. Although it may look like the other Bummis wraps, it's not made to work like one. The Swimmi works great as a swim diaper and they're extremely affordable. If you're looking for a cute yet functional swim diaper but don't want to spend much, I would definitely recommend the Swimmi. I, for one, am looking forward to Memorial Day when all the public pools and the Splash Pad open up so we can have our little man show off his cute little Swimmi tush!

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