Katie brings us a review of the Itti Bitti Tutto on her chunky Monkey.  Some of you may recall that I reviewed it on my slim A-Train a couple years ago, and updated that review a year later.

Once you've started your cloth diaper stash and have enough to cloth diaper your baby, you can't help but notice how adorable cloth diapers are! For me it was "oh this diaper would be cute for this occasion" or "if I put this diaper on him, he doesn't need to wear pants." So you start looking at diapers for the cute factor. When you walk into the doors of The Green Nursery, they have a beautiful display of Itti Bitti diapers. Which one catches your eye first? For me it was three colors, the Azure, Seafoam and Papaya. For this review, I chose Papaya!

itti bitti tutto

Though cute is a big factor in which diapers you buy and which ones you pass on, the most important factor is how well they work! The Itti Bitti Tutto has quite a few unique features. One of the very first things I noticed is the incredibly soft minky fabric outer. I seriously cannot get over how soft they are! (I need a pillow made out of this fabric.) They also have some of the cutest prints and colors, ever. (I'm quite fond of their old prints and I'm sad to see them go.) The new colors are equally adorable. The Papaya is such a bold, bright color orange! Another great feature is their patented "poo fence," which is an internal gusset that goes along the sides and back of the diaper. This helps contain any mess your little one surprises you with. The Tutto also has soaker sets (in bamboo or microfiber) that are pretty unique. The soaker sets consist of 3 soakers: a long soaker, a short soaker, and a mini soaker. These can be adjusted for absorbency where your son or daughter needs it the most.

itti bitti tutto inserts

When I prepped the Itti Bitti Tutto, I washed the bamboo soaker set about 3 times to make sure the natural oils washed off. After the initial prep, you can wash it with your other diapers. As with all of mine, I like to hang the shell and dry the inserts in the dryer. (My drying rack isn't big enough to air dry all the inserts and shells at once.) The soaker set dries pretty quickly with my other inserts in the dryer. When I hang dry the shell, it takes a while for it to be completely dry. This is because of the minky fabric on the diaper. I usually end up doing diaper laundry at night (or whenever I can find some time to do laundry) so I hang dry them overnight. They are always dry by the time I wake up in the morning.

The Itti Bitti Tutto has a nice trim fit and isn't very bulky. It does give your little one quite the fluffy butt though. We do have some issues with it fitting on Monkey though. He's so chunky and the diaper is so trim that he ends up looking like a plumber. The diaper hangs a little too low in the back exposing some of his bottom. He's also on the very last snap and of course the rise is completely unsnapped. So there is absolutely no growing room for him in this diaper. (Which saddens me because they are so darn cute!) Overall, I really love this diaper. They're extremely soft and totally adorable. I really wish it would fit my chunky guy better so we could use it longer.

Another thing that can be a turn-off about the Tutto is the snap in soakers, though the color coordination makes that a little easier to deal with. For a boy, you want to match the yellow snaps to the purple ones. For a girl, you'll want to match the yellow snaps to the yellow. As long as you follow that guide, it makes it pretty easy. Once you've done it a few times, it's like second nature. Another thing I really love is the poo fence. This has helped keep some pretty gnarly messes in that Monkey has surprised me with!

itti bitti cloth diaper

When it comes to absorbency, the Tutto does a wonderful job. Monkey doesn't have any leaking issues when he wears it. It's great during nap time, but for us, it wouldn't work for bedtime. If your little one doesn't wet like a firetruck, this could work as a nighttime diaper for them. The bamboo soakers can be adjusted for where you need absorbency the most. For boys, you'll want to snap the small soaker (with the purple snaps) to the back of the diaper (yellow snaps) and the large soaker (with yellow snaps) to the front of the diaper (purple snaps). You can then add the mini soaker if you need the extra absorbency. A great thing about having so much absorbency is that (as long as it doesn't get dirty) you can reuse the shell again if you have an extra soaker set!

As a first time cloth diaper user, the snap in soakers might give you a hard time. I promise it will get easier. If you're looking for an adorable diaper that still functions well, I suggest the Itti Bitti Tutto. Fashion really meets function when it comes to this diaper. Really the only negative thought I have towards the Tutto is that I wish it were bigger so it would fit Monkey until he's potty trained! I can honestly say that I highly recommend this diaper to anyone considering making a purchase of one.

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