I have always heard great things about Thirsties products, but the only product I had tried from their line was the Duo Wrap, which I love. I’d heard they had pocket diapers that came in two sizes (hence the name Duo), but when my little guy was even littler, I wasn’t too keen on the idea shelling out $20 bucks for something he was going to grow out of relatively quickly and I’d have to spend even more money to size up.

But that’s just me. Many parents loved Thirsties Duo Pocket diaper despite having to buy two sizes. They still saved money over buying disposables and could recoup funds by selling them since well cared for cloth diapers usually have great resale value.


Out with the old and in with the new

Thirsties recently decided to retire their Duo Pocket diaper and have revealed a new and improved version. Goodbye Duo… Hello to the NEW Thirsties ONE-SIZE Pocket Diaper! Although some were sad to see the Duo Pocket go, many were very excited about this change, including myself! I was lucky enough to get my hands on TWO of these diapers to test out and share my findings with you! After trying them out for a few weeks, in my opinion, this is a solid diaper with some pretty great features…


thirsties diapers


The Thirsties One-Size Pocket is designed to fit babies from 8 to 40 lbs. There are three rows of snaps to adjust the rise, with the bottom row being the smallest setting, the middle row for the medium setting, or leaving the diaper unsnapped for the largest setting. I personally can't vouche for the "fitting a newborn at 8lbs" since I don't have a newborn, but when snapped down to the smallest setting the leg gussets helped make the leg holes nice and small. Sometimes I wish I could borrow a newborn to see if the diapers would really fit! Haha ;)



Speaking of snaps, Thirsties recently made some improvements to their closures… The Thirsties One-Size Pocket is available in either snaps or hook & loop. Their hook & loop is now bigger and stronger, and they have changed up their snaps configuration with two rows of snaps instead of a single row allowing for a more customizable fit.

both diapers unsnapped


A beloved feature of Thirsties products is their signature double leg gussets and the One-Size Pocket is sporting this feature. These work great to hold in runnier mess, which we often see in the early days with baby.




There is an opening at the front and the back of the diaper, which is a great feature for two reasons… One, it makes it easier to stuff. Being able to adjust the insert from both sides helps to makes it easier and quicker to get the insert flat and it’s place. Two, and my FAVORITE feature of this diaper, you don't have to remove the insert before putting it in the wash… the insert agitates out on its own! Simply toss it in the wet bag or diaper pail!


diaper openings


Now to the inserts… the inserts are great! Have you ever heard someone recommend putting hemp under microfiber? For those who have trouble with compression leaks or simply need more absorbency, this is often a recommendation that is given to them. The microfiber on top to absorb quickly and pulls it down to the hemp insert below for even more absorbency. While most pockets come with only microfiber inserts, this diaper come with both microfiber AND hemp jersey inserts. There is a three layer microfiber newborn insert and a very trim five layer hemp/cotton full size insert. The inserts can be used in a combination of different ways, separately or snapped together for 8 layers of absorbency.

I have just now moved my little guy to the largest setting at 20 months and 25 lbs, and it works great for us. I love the fit on him! We use both inserts snapped together, and although it is just little bit bulkier than my usual go-to diaper, it is still pretty trim! It is nice and narrow in the crotch, but not so narrow that it makes it hard to stuff. This is my first diaper to try with openings at the front and back and I have to say, I love that feature! It is nice to be able to reach in from either side to grab the insert and pull it through, and also to smooth it down and get it flat. Plus, not having to remove a soiled insert before putting it in the wash is FABULOUS! Even in my HE, the inserts have agitated out for me every. single. time. 

I also love the leg gussetts. Although my son eats table food, he still nurses a lot. Without giving TMI, sometimes his messes can be not so solid... The gussets held in everything he dealt out. :)

I am so glad that I was able to try out these diapers in both snaps AND hook & loop. Snaps are great for durability and make it harder for little hands to take off their diapers. While I love both, I have been leaning toward hook & loop lately since my guy is full of energy and doesn't love taking time away from playing to get his diaper changed. Thirsties new and improved hook & loop is nice and strong!

If you can't tell, I am really loving Thirsties new One-Size Pocket. I love that all Thirsties products are made in the USA. The more I use it, the more I like it. It has become one of those diapers that I look forward to laundering so I can get it back on my baby's bottom. I would definitely recommend this diaper to anyone looking for a one-size diaper and I wouldn't mind having some more in my own stash.    


*I was given the products mentioned free of charge for this review. All opinions are 100% my own. 



 Stephanie Beck is the mother of a dinosaur expert, a set of twins somehow born 13 months apart, and a wild baby boy. She enjoys being outdoors with her kids, going on walks, swimming, fishing, and yard saling with her hubby. She started her blog,Apron Strings Attached, because she wanted to share her experiences with raising kids, breastfeeding struggles and success, and cloth diapering. She now enjoys blogging about life in cloth diapers for TGN, and also helps out with TGN’s twitter, so if you want to chat about cloth diapers, or just want to say “hi”, go ahead and send her a tweet!




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