We are so excited to introduce a brilliant NEW product from Tots Bots coming this October, the PeeNut! This all-in-two system consists of a waterproof wrap and 3-in-1 bamboo pad, providing great performance for both day and night-time. 

peenut system

The PeeNut couldn't be easier to use... no pocket, no stuffing, just snap in a pad and go! Unlike the Stretchy Wrap, which the PeeNut wrap is replacing, the inside of this wrap is wipeable. When it's time for a change, wipe it down if needed, then pop in a new pad and reuse the wrap.

inside the peenut

The 3-in-1 PeeNut pad is made up of two pads, a light and medium pad, made from gorgeously soft bamboo with a touch of microfiber for fast drying. For newborns, use the light pad during the day and medium at night. Once baby starts needing more aborbency during the day, make the switch to the medium pad. And for older babies and heavy wetters, both the light and medium pads can be used together for maximum absorbency, day and night. 

peenut pad

Many will find the Size 2 PeeNut Wrap to be the perfect fit for their baby from birth right up to potty training, with a weight range of 9 to 35lbs. For those itty bitty babes, size one is available, and fits from around 6 to 18lbs. 

We can't wait to get the PeeNut on our shelves this October! This one-size, day to night system is absorbent, flexible, and easy to use, and we can not wait to offer it to our TGN Families!

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What makes you most excited about the new PeeNut nappy system from Tots Bots?