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5 Things You Should Know About Cannatonic Hemp Flower

5 Things You Should Know About Cannatonic Hemp Flower

Posted by Nitin on Sep 08, 2021

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Among various hemp flower strains, Cannatonic stands distinctly apart from others. Bred by resin seeds, it is a product of a cross between MK Ultra and a popular G13 Haze that produces the most soothing effects on mind and body. What makes Cannatonic one of the most preferred choices among  CBD hemp flowers is its low THC content and high CBD content.

Whether you are considering using  Cannatonic hemp strain for medical purposes or for vaping, you should know all important facts and information about it. Read this blog to find out more about the same:

#1. Known as CBD Queen
Do you know Cannatonic Hemp Flower is also known as CBD queen? It is due to its high content of Cannabidiol (CBD) that can be as high as 17% while the THC level never exceeds more than 6%. It is a hybrid grown from Spain’s Resin Seeds, with a cross from G13 Haze, an Indica-dominant strain with the female MK Ultra–a full, fledged Indica.

#2. Calming and Relaxing Effect
When you vape or smoke this unique  CBD hemp floweryou will experience the thrilling and calming effects after 5-10 minutes. Being high in CBD will slow down your thoughts, provide you light-headedness, mental clarity, and you will feel focused and energetic.

#3. Color, Aroma, and Taste of the CBD Strain
You will find the buds to be greenish-yellow while the aroma and flavor is earthy woody, providing a lighter citrus tingle on the tongue. Thus, Cannatonic offers the perfect flavor and acts like a ‘Tonic’ offering a tinge of citrus and sweetness, with a distinct earthy sense, merging into the orange flavor.

#4. Medicinal Effects
The most important thing or benefit of taking this  CBD hemp flower strain is its medicinal effects. High level of CBD, low level of THC, and the entourage effect due to Terpenes that render this Cannabis its unique aroma offer an array of health benefits to users.The THC level is lower than 6% that doesn’t produce a ‘high’ or stoned feeling.

#5. Preference to Grow Indoors in Dry Climate Conditions
For all Cannatonic Hemp growers, here is a useful piece of advice: - This hemp flower strain grows better indoors than outdoors and has the propensity for mildew and mold. Growers must use this natural trait of the plant and they should grow it in drier climate indoors. They should switch the light cycle such that plants receive 12 hours of continuous darkness each day that pushes plants to the flowering stage. They bloom with popcorn-sized buds that are coated in trichome crystals surrounded by sugar leaves.

Among all the other  hemp flower stains, products, Cannatonic has a powerful relaxing effect that you can use as a hemp flower for vaping or as a medicinal product. If you aren’t looking to get super high and desire only relaxation and a soothing effect.

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