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Choosing the Best Hemp Flower Strain: Factors to Consider

Choosing the Best Hemp Flower Strain: Factors to Consider

Posted by Nitin on Jun 29, 2021

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Hemp is known for its incredible versatility. It is used in a variety of products ranging from food, cloth, medicines, smoking, biofuel, and others. With several varieties of Hemp flowers available online, it can be a daunting task to find out the most suitable strain. Whether you desire to use it in the grounded form in a dry herb vaporizer or as edibles, you need to consider various factors to get safe,  high-quality CBD flowers and the best value for money from a premium supplier.

Check out some crucial factors to consider when choosing the best hemp flower strain:

1. Appearance
Like you used to check fresh fruits and flowers before their purchase, you need to check the appearance of CBD flowers.  CBD hemp flowers are a cluster of well-trimmed buds that are green. Its shade may range from pale-yellowish green to lush dark grass green. Observe its color and the presence of frosty crystals that are trichomes containing the active ingredients.

2. Aroma
Best hemp flowers have a pungent odor like cannabis. The quantity of flavonoids—such as the CBD and terpene determine the strength of odor of the flowers. Sellers are legally permitted to sell Hemp flowers with 0.3% THC that doesn’t give you a high. The aroma of flowers varies significantly ranging from fruity, to earthy, sour, or sweet notes. If you are buying online, you should check the product description, lab test results, and third-party reviews to make the most of your purchase.

3. Lab Test Results
Reputed CBD companies publish their CBD products’ test results from an accredited third-party lab to highlight the quality of their products. You should check out the latest results that should give you a fair idea of the cannabinoid profile of the product. You should check whether the flowers have been cultivated and harvested using the best practices, the ingredients or additives mixed in the product, and the presence or absence of heavy metal and contaminants.

4. Check out Cannabidiol Content
When you buy a hemp flower, you must check the Flavonoids or cannabinoid profile of the product from the test result. You need to find out the percentage of CBD and THC, Terpene profile, and presence of pesticides, heavy metals, or other contaminants. CBD amount ranges from 7 to 25% while the legal limit for THC is 0.3%. If you are a beginner, you should better stick to strains with a lower percentage of CBD.

5. Supplier’s Reputation
The CBD market is highly unregulated and with the increasing demand, many suppliers have established them in the market, promising high-quality CBD products. It is crucial to check the reputation and experience level of the supplier before ordering online. Checking out customers’ reviews and ratings will give you valuable insights into the product’s quality.

If you desire to get relieving and therapeutic benefits that many hemp flower smokers and users experience, you should do your due diligence to assess all factors before   buying CBD hemp flower or CBD oil and other products. Besides the legality, you need to check the effect of vaping CBD flowers on your body and getting quality products only from a well-known and trustworthy supplier. 

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