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Delta 9 THC Legality - Quick Update on the US Cannabis Era

Delta 9 THC Legality - Quick Update on the US Cannabis Era

Posted by The Weed Warlock on May 16, 2023

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Delta 9 THC Legality

This past summer some of us at TGN were able to travel to Ontario, which is a beautiful place to visit if you've never been. After visiting a dispensary there it got me thinking though, what a unique situation the US is in with THC from hemp currently. In Ontario even THC gummies from marijuana are limited to 10mg PER PACKAGE! Yes you read that right. So you can get, for example, a pack of 5 gummies at 2mg each. Further, that is from a licensed marijuana dispensary. 

While we don't know for sure if we can count on the current hemp 'loopholes' to allow delta 9 THC from hemp gummies forever, we are at least currently in a very unique legal situation that benefits cannabis consumers now more than ever before. For instance, just one of our  delta 9 cannabliss gummies is 12mg each, that's exceeding a full pack of licensed cannabis dispensary gummies in Ontario by 2mg in a single gummy! 

All that said, this can be an extremely large dose for some users, so always start low and slow. And we encourage the whole community to do the same instead of pushing the limits constantly, so that we may hopefully keep some of the current beneficial freedoms for the foreseeable future. 

Keep THC Gummies Legal

For instance, we are seeing the 0.3% weight of Delta 9 THC law being abused with products like giant gummies with 20,000mg hit the market. While it might be entertaining and/or a good study if you can die from weed or get addicted to weed ?, this type of activity will only lead to more restrictive laws.  As a community of consumers and producers, it is important to self regulate in order to not draw the eyes of public and legislative concern. This might sound preachy or cynical, but collectively it is very easy to take things for granted, and no one would have guessed that we would be in such a free era that we can buy THC derivatives at vape shops and the like.  So let's keep being responsible and keep the easy access available.

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