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Demystifying Cannabis: An Umbrella Term for Hemp and Marijuana  Have you ever wondered about the difference between hemp and marijuana? Which is legal, which isn't? Do you associate the term cannabis with psychoactive weed? You might want to keep reading.To start simply. Is Cannabis legal? The simple answer to this in the US is that all Cannabis was illegal, but since the Farm Bill of 2018 certain forms of Cannabis have become Federally… Read more
The Genesis of the 2024 Farm BillYou might be asking, "Why is the 2024 Farm Bill such a big deal?" To appreciate the potential influence of the 2024 Farm Bill on the availability of THC-derived products, let's first dive into the genesis of the bill itself. The Farm Bill, you see, is a wide-ranging legislation that sets the United State's food and agriculture policy every five years. This colossal bill affects everything from which… Read more