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Top 5 Best CBD Hemp Flower Strains of 2021

Top 5 Best CBD Hemp Flower Strains of 2021

Posted by Nitin on Sep 23, 2021

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With the legalization of  CBD Hemp flowers and CBD products in many countries, there has been a boom in the demand for Hemp flowers, CBD oils, gummies, and CBD creams. Many CBD lovers crave to get a unique and flavorful experience from smoking various hemp flower strains. CBD may be either full spectrum including all parts of the cannabis plant with less than 0.3% THC, broad-spectrum with a trace amount of THC, and Isolates or pure CBD with no amount of THC or other cannabinoids.

With a variety of  hemp flower strains available in the market, a buyer can find it quite difficult to choose the best strain that offers an unforgettable user experience. Read this blog to know more about the five best CBD flower strains that would help you choose your preferred CBD strain and procure it from a reputed and experienced supplier.

Here is a checklist of some popular CBD buds and CBD flower strains that make a significant impact on your mood and body.

#1. Sour Space Candy
Sold as Pre-rolls and flowers, this CBD is a Sativa strain with 17.3% of CBD and 22.2% of total cannabinoids. It can be an excellent mood booster that will provide you the flavor of citrus or an odd whiff of cherry on vaping. You would experience calmness and mental clarity that makes it the best potent CBD strain for the daytime.

#2. Special Sauce
Special Sauce CBD is an Indica strain with medium CBD content and is a nighttime strain. Being uniquely flavored with berries, it provides an aroma and taste of berries and cinnamon with an earthy finish. You can unwind yourself and enjoy vaping this in the evening or before bedtime. It contains 17.9% of CBD and 19.6% of total cannabinoids. With a high level of CBD and terpene myrcene, it lets you feel calm and relaxed.

#3. Hawaiian Haze
If you are a newbie looking for the absolute pleasure of smoking a hemp flower with the flavor of pineapple and mango, Hawaiian Haze is the best Sativa strain to choose from. With a medium-low CBD content of 15.13% and total cannabinoids 17.2%, the hand-trimmed CBD is an energetic daytime strain suited for parties and frequent smokers. You would love the beautiful flavor with an earthy and peppery finish that goes well with other cannabis products.

#4. Bubba Kush
Belonging to the Indica strain, Bubba Kush is a sedating nighttime strain that provides chocolate, coffee notes with a delicious, citrus finish. If you are looking for classic, hand-trimmed CBD buds that help promote calmness and relaxation and help you in sound sleeping, choosing this strain could help.

#5. Lifter
The Lifter CBD strain is a highly potent Sativa strain that is suited for experienced rolling joints smokers. With a bold terpene profile, it offers fruity flavors and a smooth smoking experience. Suitable to be used in daytime at parties, business, or social occasions, it promotes deep relaxation and satisfaction that would help enhance your focus and keep you motivated all day.

Choosing your favorite  CBD hemp flower strain requires you to check out the Certificate of Analysis (COAs) provided by experienced suppliers that would help you know the level of content in each CBD product. 

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