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Understanding CBD Strengths | The Green Nursery

Understanding CBD Strengths | The Green Nursery

Posted by SN on Dec 09, 2019

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So you've successfully narrowed down which brand of CBD you are interested in or even are in the research process. However, now that you've done that you are confused by the strengths and what you need.

You are not alone. There is an inconsistency in the CBD market that needs clarified. Some brands are doing this to just follow the pack, while others are purposefully trying to confuse you so that you believe their product is more potent.

So when you see a bottle from Koi, for instance, you may settle on the Koi 1000mg because after comparing to CBDistillery for instance you have determined that spending 100 dollars on Koi 1000mg is much better than spending $50 on CBDistillery 33mg (like it says on the label). However, you would be wrong. So how could that be?

Well, unlike prescription medications or even other herbal supplements, the norm with CBD products is to label the number of milligrams of CBD found in the whole bottle. CBDistillery on the other hand is more transparent and honest in this regard, as they label their products per serving as you would expect. So with the example above you will find that the CBDistillery 33mg is actually a 1000mg bottle as well. The 33mg is 1/30th of the 1000mg bottle which is the normal 1ml serving (one dropperful).

Understanding CBD Strenghts on Labels

All that said, all the brands we carry are still great brands, but there is a catch 22 for these companies to label these products with mg per serving or mg per bottle. Since the normal trend is to label mg per bottle, a new or even established brand is put in a labeling predicament because there may not be as much interest in their product if they label it as 33mg instead of 1000mg.

In short, make sure you read the labels carefully and you will see when mg per serving are labeled they will say so. Whereas when you see a large number such as 1000 there will be no specification if it is per bottle or serving. Explore exclusive range of OG Hemp Flowers &  CBD Hemp Flower Strains from our CBD Oil Shop.

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